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Design Shuffle's Favorite NEW Looks for Old Funiture

 Design Shuffle Shares
Its Top Favorite Inspirational Sources
For Revamping Used Furniture

Have you ever spotted a "to-die-for" piece of furniture at a tag sale or flea market at a too-good-to-pass up price?  Then you buy it, drag it home, maybe even clean it up
. . . and then it stops right there. You might wonder, "What do I do with it now?"
Good news, the folks at Design Shuffle have gathered up some inspirational photos that will inspire you to look forward to taking your piece to the next level -- and to next weekend's yard sale to snag a very cool find. Take a look at their findings:

You can always find a chest similar to the example above at a resale shop. Get a glossy white paint and you'll have a snazzy contemporary piece in no time at all. Settees and love seats can always be found as well. Pick out a geometric fabric to give it a hip, young look. For great fabric deals, check out

 From TreeHugger
OK, these kinds of projects are for the artists out there.
Or if you're really patient, find some great stencils. Yours will soon be the envy of the neighborhood. This is a celebration of individual style. Check out Hobby Lobby for the stencils.

Good Life of Design
Ever want to go bold but weren't sure . . . .
Look how this fun purple color deepens and enhances the carvings on this French chest.
This might not be for the safe and reserved, but if you want to unleash the artist inside, 
do it! Sometimes you gotta live it up, and what better way?!
You know our mantra . . . love where you live!

 From Design Sponge
This nightstand is from IKEA. It was painted "Dior Gray," and decorated with custom scalloped decals. Reproduction milk glass hardware finish the look. It went from being oh so simple to WoW! Check out Esty shops, like this one, for one-of-a-kind decals.
For complete bedroom decorating ideas, visit Design Shuffle.

From My Overlays
What a terrific and classic look! You can customize any piece with these cool-looking fretwork panels and designs available at "My Overlays." They also have some great examples in all white that look fresh and yes, like an expensive custom piece. These, you can do yourself.  Go here for prices, sizes and design options.

Thank you, Design Shuffle, for fueling our imaginations! Let us know what you find and do!

November 9, 2011


by Megan Gates, an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to New York City Real Estate. Hamptons Real Estate, home improvement and the latest architecture, design and fashion.
Having beautiful curb appeal for your home doesn't just happen on its own accord, nor is it a seasonal task. Begin today to organize, clean and prepare.

The tips below promise to keep your yard a low maintenance one, allowing you to spend more time enjoying it with your family and less time working to keep it looking great.

Organize your Tools: A small tool shed or a dedicated spot in your garage to keep your tools organized, is a good way to help you know where to find everything you need; instead of wasting time looking for your garden shears in the place where you thought you left them. You'll be able to find everything quickly and easily, making your chores get done sooner. If you live in colder climates, you don't want to spend undue time searching for a rake, hefty trash bags or snow shovels.

Power Wash: A quick way to keep your house looking new, power wash your siding and decks whenever you feel like your house is looking dirty. (Do-It-Yourself types can rent the necessary equipment. Or, you can have someone do it for you; there are companies ready to serve.) Power washing your house can extend the life of your siding and your deck, which will save you hundreds because you will not have to replace it sooner than necessary. As for a timetable, you may want to do it before winter and extra grime set in, or in the spring to get ready for al fresco living. The timetable may actually depend on your location. If you're in an area that gets a lot of dust storms, for example, you may need to do this twice a year.

Gardening Guide: If you love to have beautiful gardens but wish it required a little less work from your green thumb, plant perennials instead of annuals. Perennials are plants that will grow back each year on their own and don't require as much work as using annuals. It's best to pick perennials that are native to the area where you live so that they will thrive in your yard with very little maintenance. Mark your calendars to plant trees during the dormant season. Check with your local nurseries or County Extension office; months may be sometime between January and March. If you like to mulch your garden but think that it's looking old halfway through the summer. Simply rake the mulch you have in the garden already to turn it over and freshen it up. This is an inexpensive and time saving answer instead of having to buy and spread new mulch. If you know a carpenter, have him or her grind up excess wood to spread!

Not-so-green Thumb: If you're not a big fan of getting in the dirt too much, an alternative to having a lush garden in your yard, you can plant (or buy) beautiful hanging baskets or window boxes to give the front of your house an extra boost of color and curb appeal. Both mini-gardens are contained and easy to maintain. 

If you have any other tips to keep your home beautiful and low maintenance? Share them below!

August 30, 2011

Arcadian Lighting Brightens the Day
By Sharing Favorite Tufted Headboards, 
a timeless fashion statement for the bedroom
You see them everywhere . . . tufted headboards are all the rage, in bedrooms around the world. Of course, some cultures, such as the French, would tell you they have always been in fashion. Regardless, we’re loving them now!

For centuries, tufted headboards have lent themselves toward a more formal ornate d├ęcor, especially, when dressed in rich velvets or luscious silks. However, some of today’s tufted headboards are boasting modern fabrics and shapes, such as a tailored square edges in a flannel or linen. No matter which you lean towards, formal or semi-formal, there is a tufted headboard for you.

This upholstered sleigh bed features a tufted rolled headboard in pale lilac. The formal wallpaper and graphic print at the window give a pop of pattern to the room. The acrylic side tables and white lamps was an added subtle touch to the space.

Peacock blue upholstery looks lovely on this extremely tall tufted headboard. Modern linens and a furry throw make the bed extra sumptuous. An antique-looking wall sconce is at the ready for reading perhaps . . . . 

This gorgeous tufted headboard can be found in the L’Hotel Paris. The ornate pattern is layered over rich blue velvet and finished off with the same blue velvet buttons.

A grey flannel, diamond tufted headboard sets the tone for this fun grey room. Layered shades of grey flow from bed to walls to rustic seesaw table.

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