Design in the Kitchen: Are You Ready For One Spicey Hot Kitchen. It's Tomato Red!!

Hot Red in the Kitchen

This homeowner -- a former chef -- has cooked up one fiery cocina. And be sure to note the great storage, accessible just off of the kitchen. I love the expansive, hard working butcher block countertop on the opposite side of the stove. She even has a drawer suited just for her collection of cookie and biscuit cutters! The kitchen includes double ovens and two sinks.


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October 7, 2011

 I Thought I Would Share a Collection
of Stoves, Ranges and Hoods.
Enjoy the photos:

 This is a showhouse kitchen, located near Sugar Land, Texas.
Carla Aston (see her blog here) was one of the interior design professionals involved
in creating the sophisticated look of this home.

 This range and brick backsplash was inspired by both New Orleans and Italy.
It is part of a newly constructed kitchen in Galveston, TX.

The stove at Casa Aurora in San Miguel de Allende. You can rent this house!
It's fabulous!! Check it out here.

Love this look at Ann's house, Hill Country House.

In a 1920s home in Galveston, TX. 

An original 18th century stove found at a Steamboat Springs, CO, homestead.

In the mountains -- Steamboat Springs, CO.

A pretty and functional new kitchen -- located in a 1871 Galveston, TX, home.

A retro look in Salida, Colorado. The stove was restored -- and works perfectly!

A galley kitchen in Galveston, TX. The brick backsplash was inspired by an original 1920s red-brick chimney, uncovered by a former wall and now in the center of the home.

A new Elmira stove sits in a rock alcove in Salida, CO, log house.

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 August 1, 2011

 From Houston With Love . . .

I had worked with Dallas photographer Gustav Schmiege to prepare this kitchen below for publication in Kitchen and Bath Ideas. The magazine is sister to Traditional Home and Better Homes and Garden -- published by Meredith Corporation. I think this kitchen was featured a year or so ago.

Red and white.... 
Certain color combinations make me think of certain times of the year. Red and green, when paired together, remind me of Christmas. This one, though, makes me think of Valentine's Day and it's really quite an appropriate association, since the family is close -- albeit the kids are grown and have children of their own. When together, they enjoy gathering in this space, the heart of the home. It opens up into a cozy family room and large breakfast area. Just around the corner from this kitchen is a lovely and inviting screened-in porch, a hallmark design element of architect Tom Wilson.

The homeowner said she absolutely wanted a red island. And so the kitchen evolved around this focal point. As I recall, it is a Benjamin and Moore shade. All the upper cabinets showcase her collections and and are back lit for visibility. I like the glass windows at the top of the cabinetry; they offer a nice relief in addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing design.

The homeowner collects old cans and pewter; both of which we used to display flowers and herbs:

I loved -- and still do -- Tom's thoughtful design execution in the kitchen. Below, you will notice the window slides open as a pass-through to the outdoor cooking set up on the porch. I like the connection between inside and outside.

A look from the breakfast room into the kitchen. The door you see below provides an exit to the screened-in porch.

July 12, 2011
Photographer: Gustav Schmiege
Publication: Kitchen and Bath Ideas


A Blue Kitchen,
 Al Fresco Dining ,
and -- An Italian-style Cucina

When visiting a home, I always want to see the kitchen. Is it because that's where everyone, in this country, anyway, winds up? I don't know . . . but what I do know is that it's my favorite spot in the house -- other than a cozy or refreshing outdoor living space.

I enjoy seeing color in the kitchen -- and wanted to share this one for all those thinking about spicing up their own with a dynamic shade. So, without ado, here is one in blue:

Outdoor Dining
A couple added a pergola to the back of their 1930s-era home and set up an inviting setting, located just steps from their indoor kitchen. They do grill out here, but most of the cooking is inside. So, what they did to accommodate family and friends: They added a new dimension to their tiny kitchen space inside:

A Italian Restaurateur's Kitchen
 He wanted a dark, rich kitchen look that reflected his heritage. We'll begin this quick glimpse inside with the pièce de résistance:


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