Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're Selling Our Log "Cabin" in Colorado -- Want to Buy It? Or You Can Just Look.

It's Time to Move On . . .
We've Got Our House Listed. No Backing Out Now.
OOOH . . . I'm Gonna Miss The GREAT Summer-time Weather!
(It gets hot in south Texas!) 

We've enjoyed our time in Colorado. But as a true-blue Texan, I gotta go back home. But, I will return for visits! It's a beautiful state that is undeniably irresistible. 

At first, I wondered should I post or should I not? Well, I figured it's a place that certainly epitomizes "love where you live" -- at least for me -- so, yeah, sure, why not. Plus, I'm feeling a little sentimental and nostalgic, as I'm here packing up some personal items. We've enjoyed so many moments in this magical place. I think about the elk crowded up in a small herd, in our front yard one winter. And sitting out on our front porch, with camera in hand -- poised and ready to capture the most stirring and colorfully intense sun rises I've ever witnessed. And, let's not forget the alluring sounds of melted snow flowing down a nearby creek. Maybe, though, I think . . . it's time for someone else to live here, to enjoy what we've deemed as our good fortune. 

So, now, for some snapshots of our house, our home . . . Of the views we've enjoyed and will certainly miss. They're all below. I'm sharing my favorite places at home, plus some of the lovely-lovely scenery -- mostly enjoyed from our porch. The first -- of the aspens, however, is not a far distance from our place. 
You may have seen some before. But, there may be some you haven't.
Here you go:

I've given some photo stills to the realtor. They're pictures I've taken over the course of time. They turned them into a nice slideshow. If you'd like to view it, please go here

Undoubtedly, I will post more of the house and of the state.  I probably won't be able to resist . . . . Now, it's back to packing.
Someone from Boulder -- a fellow Texan, as a matter-of-fact -- is renting our house while it's on the market. They're very excited about it, and so am I!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Beach Wedding -- A Circular Cubby -- Artisan Aid -- A Colorful Room

A Beach Wedding . . .
And plus a look at what I found in my mailbox!

Kate got married! 
My daughter married Michael in Galveston this past weekend. Blue water! Perfect weather!
What a joyous, simple and very fun event! Actually, the partying began days before Saturday, as so many came from out of state . . . .

A Bit of Fun Found In My Mailbox:

The new issue of At Home in Arkansas, edited by my colleague and friend, Diane Carroll, celebrates color this month. She and her team showcase color in various rooms -- bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms!

Also . . .

I haven't been camping in years. The last time I recall -- and just vaguely at that, I ended up sleeping in the car because the ground was too cold. And all I had was a sleeping bag. This furnished tent is more my speed, I think. For one, there's a comfy bed! This photo graced the cover of West Elm.

When I went to the West Elm Web site, I saw that they were affiliated with Aid to Artisans.
Their objective through this partnership is to spotlight and promote the crafts of artisans worldwide. Check out the beautiful works of textile artisans in Morocco; the master block printers in India, the paper products that are made in Haiti.

I also received
a catalogue called AWE

Inside, this circular cubby caught my eye:

 Enjoy a wonderful week.


Monday, March 19, 2012

A House Constructed to Raise Funds For and Awareness of Breast Cancer!

Looking Through My Files, I Found
a Houston House that I Worked on For Beautiful Homes.
It Was a Pink Ribbon House. Partial proceeds of its quick sale benefited 

The 2012 Pink Ribbon house is currently under construction in Hunter's Creek, located in the Memorial area of Houston. Mark your calendars now to tour it the weekends of April 27 and May 4. Designed by Hollenbeck Architects, the French country-style home is being constructed by Levitt Partnership. 

Go here to meet the designers who are working on the new show house. Many of the ones working their magic this year did the same with this house from a few years back:

Dining room by Dodson and Daughter.

The mother-daughter team that makes Dodson and Daughter, also worked on the pretty master bedroom below:

The now-defunct Beautiful Homes had hired Photographer Chipper Hatter to capture the lovely rooms of this past Pink Ribbon house. 

 Interior Designer Julia Blailock designed the kitchen above and breakfast room below:

You can see more work of Julia's by visiting another Love Where You Live post; click here to read.

Builder Patti Barnett and Architectural Designer Robert Dame worked together to build the French-style manor being featured in today's post.

Room by Interior Designer Anne Lydick.

Room by Julia Blailock who hired fabric artist Rusty Arena to design the custom drapes.

OF course, the consistently amazing talent of Segreto Finishes ensures each of these Pink Ribbon homes is finished off in the most beautiful and elegant ways! Please support them by buying tickets and taking the upcoming tour! BETTER yet, buy the house that will be put up for sale! To see what's in store, go here. 

Again, keep in mind: The home will be available for public tours on the weekends of April 27 and May 4.

Tour hours are Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door. Map to the house.

I hope to go myself and will share some of my favorite rooms here on Love Where You Live!

On a personal note . . . . We've got a wedding in our VERY near future!!  
Daughter Kate weds this weekend. What a happening year it has been so far. 
So, it's party time . . . .

Friday, March 9, 2012

TWO Posts in One: Loving Carla Aston's powder room -- AND Would You Buy This IKEA house for $86K?

Houston Designer's Carla Aston's
Powder Room to Showcase on Their Facebook Page.

So pretty. So elegant. Designer Carla Aston chose well -- from Walker Zanger's 
"Waterfall collection." For the Pasadena Showcase for the Arts.

IKEA and IdeaBox Create a Small Dream -- all for $86,000!
What do you think? Would you buy it?
IdeaBox in Portland, Oregon, tapped IKEA to furnish and design the interiors of the company's new compact house of 875 square feet.It comes to your site with everything you need for assembly (which I presume you hire out). Or I would anyway. . . .

The bedroom. . .

. . . The entire house is built and designed around the Swedish concept of clean, open and functional space.

The living and dining space in the Aktiv model.

To see more of the Aktiv and its floorplan -- as well as their other 7 compact homes
go here.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Texas Designer's Talent Exposed

I Love Interiors That Showcase Stylish Balance!
Originally, I thought the images below were of the talent, Cindy Witmer.
However, someone graciously corrected me -- and after doing some checking, the kitchen and dining room were created by the ever-inspiring Don Connelly who owns 
the must-see store in Houston called Area. My apologies to all, 
and my grateful thanks to the person in the know! 

OK, so I do have a beautiful full-range house I want to show you by Houston talent,Cindy Witmer -- but it's not going to be today. How is that for a tease?! I mentioned a few posts back that I've returned to school, and I'm still trying to fine-tune my balancing act with family, friends, new house, old home and everything 2012 is offering up these days. So, while I still seek my equilibrium -- and take my exams (!!)

These lovely spaces -- the kitchen and dining -- are by Don Connelly:

Loving the simplicity this inviting kitchen conveys -- along with the outdoorsy feel blended oh so nicely with chic elegant touches:

Look at those wonderful wide-plank wood floors -- and the stunning windows! And notice the interesting and easy juxtaposition of styles and materials. The industrial-type bar stools. The soft slip-covered chairs. The picnic-style table. The high-end counter tops and gorgeous iron chandeliers.

With the large nature piece hanging on the back wall and the white-washed wall effect, she's managed to bring the outdoors into this dining space. Mother Nature would feel like a pampered guest here.

Nothing like finding beauty and serenity in a bath. Loving the walls by Leslie Sinclair
 at Segreto Finishes. You can visit her Fabulous (!!) blog, here.

Hope you enjoyed a quick peek into Cindy's portfolio. Now,  wish me luck with my exams. 
I feel like I'm getting there . . . ! Bear with me as I pull it altogether.
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