Sunday, February 26, 2012

Headboards! Make Your Bed Sing.....

Great Big Looks
in the Bedroom!
 Some of these headboards are truly big in size, and others go large in both look and style:

 This is a home in Houston. Design by Bellacasa.

Ikat! This circular design makes a sweet statement.

Story time over at Roses and Rust!

Mixing it up with patterns! In a home on the French Riviera.
From WSJ.

Architectural. Nature-inspired (see the little bird perched up there?)

Go happy with a snazzy decal.
From Blik.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Opposites Attract! Interior Designer Deborah Wecselman Share Tips....

This Dramatic, Dazzling Bedroom 
-- by Interior Designer Deborah Wecselman -- 
Caught My Eye
When Opening Up Emails:
Whenever I see something bold and daring, I like to share it.
Why? Well, because I think so many of us simply find it easier to keep it the same, to keep it safe. There is certainly less risk to go with what has previously worked, and with what you've always liked. And, you know what? There's nothing wrong with that!! (I confess doing it myself.)

But, probably  -- and rather subconsciously, many of us secretly wonder how it might look to punch up things with a bright sunny yellow. Or, how about laying down a large graphic black and white stripe rug . . . ?
And what about dangling lights and even zebra prints paired with lavender?!

So, along comes someone like Deborah, who shows us what it looks like. And how we might step it up.  And what it feels like to bedazzle:

Deborah obviously lives boldly -- and with gusto


She says about patterned prints: "When working with two hues that are polar opposites (an extreme cool and an extreme warm), be sure to incorporate patterns that create harmony and complement each hue.  The black and white striped rug (in the first image above) effortlessly brings the opposites together."

More rooms, by Deborah; each loaded with personality:

Deborah is known for her unorthodox approach in interior design.  Her new ideas: pairing two extremes and utilizing each extreme to work with (not against) the other.

Deborah Wecselman was born in Lima, Peru, and began her formal training as design associate in the store development department at Polo Ralph Lauren.  She quickly rose to Senior Director of International Store Design, where she was responsible for the creation of more than 5,000 international shops and stores. Her Web site; go here.

In 2000, Deborah established DWD Inc. to provide clients with interior and architectural design of the highest quality. DWD Inc. is a small firm that allows Deborah and her staff to  be their best and be most available to their clients.

Do you see a take-away idea from Deborah's looks? 
I personally like the inspiration found in her pattern mixes!  

(all images provided by Deborah Wecselman)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lavender, Soft Blue-Grays and Ruffles Make a Sweet Valentine Decor!

Houston Interior Designer Julie Dodson
Captured My Heart Today, on Valentine's Day,
With Her Magic.

I love the lavender, and the touches of fuchsia, mauve and blue-gray accents in this clean, wide open room. And I'm smitten by the sweet white ruffled chairs around a white-washed dining table, with the bit of sparkle hanging above: 

Julie uses spot color, embellished accessories and texture to create subtle interest and desire. Plus, it feels and looks balanced, achieved with dark and light colors, and varied furniture heights.

Into two of the bedrooms:

Again, lots of texture and a sweet mixture of style . . . loving the soft drapes (especially the panels hanging at the head of the bed to soften the metal frame), the patterned rug, the small organic table, and the elegant French touch with the settee.

I like the romantic bedding and the new trad look, along with the attention to varied heights.

Happy Valentine's Day -- and thank you, Julie, for sharing your work!
(go here to visit her Web site.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feng Shui -- In the bedroom

Where Should You Place Your Bed for Restful Sleep? 
Below are three options. Which one would you choose?
According to Feng Shui principles, there is a best placement.

The ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on how we live and feel in our own personal environment. The aspect of placement in Feng Shui terms aims to help us feel safe, secure and happy in our homes.

Before sharing where to situate your bed, consider which placement appeals to you:




 (all images and ideas from the book, "Feng Shui That Makes Sense," by Cathleen McCandless

 SO, if the room above belonged to you, where would you want your bed?

As you may have read in a previous post (go here), I have a new-old house that I've been trying to settle into . . . and that's what prompted me to began reading in my precious spare time, Cathleen McCandless' book, "Feng Shui That Makes Sense."

Feeling Safe Translates Into Restful Sleep
McCandless writes that one of the underlying principles of Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") is the assurance of security. "The primary component that determines restful sleep is whether or not you feel safe," she writes. "Security and safety needs are instinctual and active 24 hours a day. Even when asleep, your survival instincts are working to protect you."

When deciding where to place your bed, the Feng Shui way is to place it in a position that allows you to see the doorway. That way you can always see who's entering the room and can ready yourself for protection, if needed, according to McCandless. You never want your back to an open doorway. So the optimal spot is this one below, called the "Command Position:"
The desired "Command Position."

McCandless writes that your sleep most likely will be affected if your bed is situated in a more vulnerable position. Your subconscious doesn't allow you to fully relax and get the much needed deep sleep you need. 

The least desirable bed placement is #2. A heightened sense of vulnerability results and hampers total relaxation. If you have no other option, McCandless suggests placing a mirror on the wall directly opposite the door. You'll then be able to catch a reflection of someone entering without your knowledge.

My own bed has been placed in the Command Position! So far so good. I'm sleeping like a baby. (The previous resident had the bed in the #2 position. Don't necessarily fall into the trap of same-ol' placement for furnishings. Think what benefits you.)

More Feng Shui principles to come, as I make my way through additional book chapters. 
It's interesting, don't you think? And so far, it seems to make sense.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decorating with White -- Designer Wisdom

Moving to a New-old House
This Week Didn't Go All Too Smoothly.
Still no Internet despite advance planning...
. . . So here I sit in a Kroger's parking lot, "stealing" Internet time from the nearby convention center -- all because AT&T stood me up. As I did some quick Web perusing, I found something of interest. Since I plan to decorate in black and white, I ran across a link to Country Living's Web site, where tips from such designers as Suzanne Kasler, Darryl Carter and Rachel Ashwell provide nice food for thought!  I also share the photo below of a home by Carter.
  The "Insider's Guide to Decorating with White"; go here to read the story.
See you back here in one or two days . . . I've also been doing a little research into
Feng Shui.  And that's been an interesting read. I can relate! And I hope you'll say the same.
'till then . . . .
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