Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bed and Bath Photos

To Have a Bathroom
That is Peaceful, Serene and Pretty . . .
Doesn't that sound inviting?

Houston Architect Brent Nyquist invited me a while back to see his client's home. 
No words needed for this pictorial tour below, which includes the couple's master bath and a quick glance into their bedroom. 

Sometimes it's nice to get to bathe in a luxurious moment or two. . . .

Brent teaches a continuing education class at Rice University for those wanting to understand the process of "building your dream house." Go here for the class info.

Did you gain any ideas here? Love to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inviting You Into My "New" 19th Century Cottage....

In the Previous Post,
I Introduced You to a Little Cottage
on Galveston Island -- oh so
charming with its pastel-colored fish-scale shingles.
Now, come on inside and see what was . . . .

The previous resident, "Terri," went largely with a Shabby Chic look that conveyed a cool island vibe in this little dollhouse of a place, built in 1892, in an area referred to as the East End.  You might see a few Victorian touches, too -- here and there. 

Here's her place -- soon to be my place:

Love the wall color. And it's right in keeping with Pantone's 2012 color pick, "Tangerine Tango." It might be too bright for some but not for me.

Terri closed the pocket doors and placed a little secretary in front of them to secure it (see below). But, I think I will leave them partially open. I know why she did that; it's the entrance into her bedroom.

A flowery view of the side hall that leads back to another room and on into the kitchen:

The side hall is a deep Victorian red. I plan to paint it a different color. Perhaps either the tangerine or apple green she used in the kitchen. Any thoughts? (The flash of someone's camera diluted the actual color. It kind of looks pink-red here, but it's not.)
Her family room:

The kitchen:
The ceiling -- seen below. The differences in look is the result of a former screened-in porch becoming the kitchen.

The bath:

The very pink bedroom is seen below. Very feminine. 
Not exactly "me," but the wallpaper stays -- at least for now. 
So, I'm open to any thoughts about how to create a more yin and yang balance. 
Thoughts are welcome! ?????????

A glimpse into the backyard:

As always, I enjoy hearing from you! The comment box is below....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New Island Project

 Introducing You to My "New" Cottage
It was built in 1892. 

The little house appeared on “Moments in Luxury,” a PBS show with tours of very special homes hosted by Designer Bill Stubbs (on right above with representative from the Galveston Historic Foundation).

Stay tuned for more! ... moving in soon. 

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Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Table Lamp and Standing Light Pay Tribute to the Late Great Amy Winehouse

The Portuguese Lighting Company,
Delightfull, Introduces "Amy" --
A Lamp With a Glowing Likeness to the 
Soulful Singer Who Died Too Young Last Year.

Amy's golden voice and her trademark jet-black bouffant hair style inspired the contemporary-retro look of this illuminating spotlight:

And here is a photo of Amy Winehouse, the English singer-songwriter, taken from her Web site:

 September 1983 –- July 2011

A closeup of the lamp's detailing:

 Prices, depending on the size, begin at $750 (or so I "hear)," but you'll have to check with Delightfull to make certain.

The table and standing "Amys."

Go here to hear the music by the singer, Amy Winehouse. 

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Cave Home of French Designer Alexandre de Betak

You Know Him Even Though You Think Not.
Alexandre de Betak, furniture and fashion designer,
has long been choreographing and producing
the Victoria Secret runway shows 

The 44-year-old Alexandre and father of two told Trendland
that he spent 10 years turning his dream to live in a modern-day "cave" into a reality.
His amazing, one-of-a-kind domicile resides in the coastal village in the Tramuntana region 
of Majorca. 

Albeit quite splendid, the peaceful allure of the pool area above doesn't look much like a cave, does it? No . . . but how about this:

Movie time with friends and family in this cozy yet cavernous space. 
Loving all the billowy pillows. Smooth architectural lines and the arched ceiling create more of a cave-like setting, don't you think?

De Betak told Trendland that ancient dwellings inspired him to design and build a home that celebrated the land, its offerings and the unpredictable twists and turns you might find within a cave. No sharp corners or rigid separation walls allowed in this house. He and his family live in what he calls a rustic and eco-friendly construction. 

He also was interviewed by the New York Times. To read that interview and see the photos they posted, go here.

 Alexandre de Betak and his children . . .
perhaps jumping for joy that they get to spend time in such a cool place?
(Photo from the NY Times.)

More Photos of the Home:


What do you think? Could you live here? What do you like?

All photos -- except the one noted -- are from Trendland.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hotel Inspiration -- Where You Can See What Might Work at Home

Ever Want to "Push the Envelope"
Enough to Design in Unorthodox Ways?
Luxury Hotels Offer a Glimpse into What Could Be in Your Own Home. 
 One Finnish Retreat Offers Amazing Rooms in a Magnificent Setting.

The New Year ushered in some new beginnings for me. One being a return to school. As I settle into a new routine this week and even next, my posting schedule might run awry. But they will be frequent enough; that much I can promise. I still expect to draw from my own personal files, but today's -- as well as future upcoming posts -- will share found delights, too.

 An Awe-Inspiring Resort in Saariselk√§ in Lapland, Finland!

 This glass-encased igloo gives guests a spectacular view of the Northern Lights, a magnificent natural phenomena.
If you've got land, wouldn't this be a great place to retreat to -- in all seasons, no matter where?! It's like camping but in style! What other idea can you tailor from these images to suit your own style and dreams?

Igloo Village -- part of the Hotel Kakslauttanen conglomerate. Saariselk√§ is located 
about 155 miles from the Artic Circle.

 A close-up look. It looks cold (brrrr), but the hotel keeps it toasty enough. They promise comfortable "luxury" beds and indoor toilets! In addition to their 20 glass igloos, they also offer 60 beds in snow igloos. You can see all of these by visiting their Web site, here.

The hotel also offers log cabins -- all of which are made from a rare dead standing pine called kelo. Here's their honeymoon cabin (the size is reduced to see a bit more detail):
 Pulled straight from the hotel's Web site, this is what they have to say:
"Honeymoon Turf Chamber has been built in a traditional way using stripped birch covered with a half-meter layer of turf providing extreme warmness even in a harshest winter. Equipped a cozy bedroom with a fireplace and a Las Vegas-style bathroom featuring a glowing stars ceiling with the Pole Star located right over the bathtub. The Finnish sauna is naturally present too. The bathroom bears the mark of Versace, while the bedroom is by Fagun of Finland."
Another room:
Note the sweet pattern inside the light fixture (upper left).  
So, what do you think? Do these rooms inspire, help you think "outside the box?"
What features or elements appealed to you?  
All images from Hotel Kakslauttanen .
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Friday, January 6, 2012

An Aquarium Sink -- Fish not included

Make a Splash in the Bath
With This Unique Wash Basin!
I found it priced at between $4,000 and $8,000 -- but, sad to say, that's without 
the colorful fish.  You'll have to pay extra to fill up this conversation starter --
the aquarium sink:

from Smolka

What do you think? Will it be among the items you purchase for your next bath remodel or build out?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home Offices -- No Holds Barred

Back to Work!
A Peek into Offices Where PJs Are Allowed.
The Editors at This Old House Share 16 of Their Favorites Here.
A few of theirs intermingle with others found -- and displayed in this post.

Something changed at home when the World-Wide Web and all of its technological descendants took hold, making the Earth "smaller" -- or more directly stated, more accessible. Home offices and stunning studies became as necessary as indoor toilets did in the 19th century (until 1840, indoor plumbing could be found only in the homes of the rich and the better hotels, according to

 From Love Where You Live; go here for the post.
The design of this office was based on the architectural allure of French Pigeonniers.

Certainly, home offices afford much flexibility -- from what you wear to when you work.  And if you're with a company that relies on cross-continent phone calls to get business rolling, then it's always better to make those early communications from a warm, comfortable and equally productive space as an office miles away. Who wants to make a trek through rain or snow at 2 a.m. anyway?!

OK, some might have to go out . . . but still a 200-foot walk is better than driving -- and it's better for the environment! Case made! Here are two home offices that were built behind the "main house:"

From This Old House; go here for the details. 

The first home office was found right there in the kitchen. It seems they became a mainstay sometime in the 1990s. Or was it the late '80s? It's still an important place -- or perch -- to peruse cookbooks, pay bills and schedule parent-teacher meetings:

A home office nestled in a small kitchen space.

 An ASID showhouse in Houston featured a home office located off the kitchen in the "mudroom."
From Sunset's home office selections; go here to see more.

As we all know, offices can fit into any home -- even if it's in a closet or a spaced carved out in the family room . . . 

Both photos above from Sunset magazine.

Home studies and offices offer another venue for self expression. From the way it's decorated (or not) to where it's located (a renovated attic, perhaps) . . . . They all seem to say something about the worker bee (an artist, writer, decorator, photographer, architect, entrepreneur, investment banker . . . . 

Take a look at the collection below -- from Love Where You Live: 

A home commute looks pretty enticing, right? See any that ring your bell? 
I'd be interested to know. Just leave a comment below . . . I really do enjoy hearing from you!! Got to dash now -- and get out of my PJs!

Happy New Year. Wishing you all good health and well-deserved prosperity!

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