Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recycling and Revamping Kitchens in Texas and Colorado!

It's All About Pine Beetle Kill
in the Colorado Rockies
 The large umbrella-fashioned ceiling is made from pine tree bark. The tree trunk central to the design, along with the legs of the bar, came from dead pine trees. A beetle infestation has devastated many mountainous states. Industrious carpenters and artists have played the hand dealt them by Mother Nature. They've taken the pine tree remains to make furniture and use as construction materials. For more information about pine beetle kill and projects, here is one site that provides more visuals and explanation.

To get the rustic look desired for their weekend get-away, one Denver couple looked to their "backyard" for construction materials.

In Houston, a homeowner
decided to dismantle her kitchen. She removed all the doors to the cabinets to create an open French farmhouse look. It all began one night . . . . She sat on her kitchen floor with a glass of wine and contemplated the best look she could achieve on a zilch construction budget. This is what she came up with:

She also painted the cabinets in a soft distressed blue, added a new deep farm sink and 
stainless countertops. She placed her collection of copper pots in the small unreachable 
cubbies above. By keeping the original cabinetry, she saved money while managing to create a customized space.

6 Responses to “Recycling and Revamping Kitchens in Texas and Colorado!”

Beautiful...both of them...We lostmany of our eastern pine to pine bore, too!

Massage Flame said...

wow! this is great..i love the designs!

Carla Aston said...

That ceiling is amazing. I'm having fits over unique ceilings these days. Beautiful!

Mali Gold said...

i'm loving it. the style is very classy.

Jackson said...

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