Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Cool Counter top Looks for Your Kitchen

What is Your Preferred
Kitchen Counter-top Material?

I've tried several looks in my own homes. So, when I saw Freshome Design and Architecture had compiled a top-10 list of materials, I was curious to see which ones they had selected.  If you'd like to see their favorite counter tops, you can go here.
Here Are Some of My Favorites:

Butcher Block.
After enjoying a dark granite in one home for a while, I sought something new and different for an island house that we bought to update. Upon reading that Chuck Williams, founder of Williams Sonoma, liked butcher block for its practicability and simple styling, I zeroed in on it. It seemed perfect for the space we were about to tackle. Mr. Williams actually used his butcher block for chopping purposes. I had a broader surface to cover and wanted to ensure it remained hygienic. The butcher block we bought did come with a sealant on it, but our contractor removed it and re-sealed it with a better lasting product. Loved it!

We selected a greenish marble for the counter top in the background on the baking table.

I like the vintage yet elegant look of Carrera marble but am not so keen on the fact that it stains easily. Think red wine spills. Yikes! When the time came again to decide on a material, I had to ask myself, "Can I continually live with red reminders of past parties?" And when also considering the price point, I had to pass. So, along comes this grayish quartz with its soft faint ingrained movement. I chose it and give it a thumb's up. It was paired with a complementary granite used in a couple places. I recommend this material and, I grant you, some will think it's the pricier marble! (Although, let me say, quartz doesn't come cheaply.)

The material in the foreground is Caesarstone Quartz.
Above on the eating bar is granite.

I was intent on getting this material, despite the warnings that it's expensive, soft, fragile and easy to chip. And, apparently, when it does chip, it exposes a white chalky middle. The top is typically light to dark gray in color. This kitchen was used often and thoroughly. Not one chip! Very pleased with the look; however, it is a bit of a high maintenance choice. It needs regular coatings of an oil treatment to prevent it from exhibiting a dry and uneven look.

A Couple Looks Featured in Freshome, which addresses all these plus recycled glass, cork, concrete and slate:

Re-claimed Wood.
This is a trending look, being paired up with more expensive materials and upscale designs.

This selection is softer than stainless, so it will show nicks and dents. It's elegant.

18 Responses to “10 Cool Counter top Looks for Your Kitchen”

the place is neat and clean,wow! i envy those design...perfect for homes!

Well, I can say the kitchen is very spacious, and have a lot of space for serious cooking.

Mali Gold said...

i like most of the pewter..like the designs and the cleanliness of the kitchen..

wow,beautiful images,the designs are good and the place was very clean. two thumbs up for this.

I love marble too. It I had to put a counter in a kitchen today I would go with some butcher block and some quartz.

Fortunately the home we just bought has granite counters. So we don't need to replace them.

Love the demi johns on the counter in the last picture!

Wow, those are some awesome ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Le Trung Thanh said...

Cool post. Beautiful pictures, I love this color. I'm going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new data.

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I'd be happy if you allow me to your blog list.

Amanda Clyde said...

Thanks for the ideas. I like a granite counter top for my kitchen. Good thing my husband knows where we can buy affordable granite for counter tops.

Michael Osborne said...

How come the soapstone is the most common among the countertop materials when in fact, it can be easily chipped? I still prefer the butcher block, the classic countertop my kitchen can ever have!

Ruth Powers said...

I still prefer the marble countertop for my kitchen, I think it's the most durable one and you can pretty much bake and cook anything or even chop anything on it. The cleaning is also easier you just have to wipe it with wet rug and the stains will disappear momentarily. But hey, I've got to say that these design are awesome and I'll probably take in some of the designs here if, I decided to redesign my kitchen. Thanks for the idea by the way they are all beautiful.

Hmmm. Mixing up a little with the way your kitchen looks like isn't that bad, you see, it's even more beautiful if you try combining two elements in your kitchen. Well, the only question remaining here is to challenge it's durability as the time passes by and you're using it while cooking. But I think this will be easily resolved especially, now that technology brings us a lot of unimaginable inventions it has.

That is a tough choice indeed. There are so many amazing options to choose from, and it’s not like changing a sheet or a dress, the decision is pretty much there to last. I have a butcher block one from a few years, and I still like it and love it.

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Ellie Barry said...

I love the illumination in each and every room you got here. It's very vibrant and inviting also the appliances and furniture you've used here are all good match to the aura of each and every part of the house.

William Rodgers said...

I am looking for marble countertops vancouver, any chance you guys know a good place for that?

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