Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite Glimpses Into Canadian Homes

For Allowing Us a Peek Into Private Spaces
Located Thoughout the Provinces 

In the previous post, I took you along on a walkabout of Québec City. Sadly, I didn't get an invitation to visit inside any of those beautiful French-inspired residential abodes, but thanks to regional magazines, I found some lovely rooms to show.

The panels immediately caught my eye in this room.
There's a lot of wood in this space, and the striking panel pattern breaks it up for me in an interesting way. (Canada's Style at Home)
Beside the dog lounging comfortably on the sofa, I also liked the idea of using two coffee tables here.The light-weight chairs flanking the fireplace provide extra seating, and their symmetry weighted with the two iron tables seem to help balance out the heavier pieces in the room. What do you think? ( Canada's Style at Home)

 I especially like the color and pattern used in this space, along with the built-in bookcase and low-hanging painting. Look at the slight incline of the blue chairs -- perfect spots for reading and relaxing. Warm and inviting, don't you think? Canadian House and Home)

I really like the low-level daybed fronting the white-painted radiator. 
Nice subtle camouflage. And since the room is mostly solid, I enjoy seeing the patterned curtain panels. (Canda's Style at Home)

A favorite space. Very warm, casual with subtle elegance. Again, I like the low-level daybed here near the fireplace that also allows easy viewing by guests sitting in different areas of the room. (Canadian House and Home)

Modern Country. Easy-living style. The openness under the dining table makes the room seem cleaner and larger, too. (Canada's Style at Home)

Love the arched doorway almost hidden from view -- in the right-hand corner. 
I like the honey-combed backsplash at the stove, along with the string of copper pots. And, of course, the pièce de résistance is the island. (Canada's Style at Home)

For a whole different kind of house, check out this House of Stone located in Portugal:

 It made Forbe's list of the top five camouflaged homes. 
Another -- plus the link -- on Love Where You Live's Facebook page;
go here

IF you're a fan of Joni Webb (Cote de Texas) -- and who isn't, right?!! -- then you'll want to check out the June article in Coast Magazine. Thank you, Joni, for you help and great tips!

7 Responses to “Favorite Glimpses Into Canadian Homes”

So many pretty spaces! Love the fireplaces.

PURA VIDA said...

love that mirror over the fireplace

Carla Aston said...

That stone house is amazing. Thanks for sharing it. I do love CH&H. They always publish some beautiful projects!

Lovely page indeed! I really love the furnitures.

plumbing said...

Those stone houses are all amazing. It was a great pleasure to live in that kind of house.

Ann said...

Those spaces are amazing.
I heart the table on the first image.

Seema Persaud, H&H Web Promotions Editor said...

Great spaces!

Please feel free to credit H&H for the 2nd, 6th and 7th photos as well.

(2 http://houseandhome.com/design/gorgeous-country-house-0 ; 6 http://houseandhome.com/design/photo-gallery-modern-country-interiors & 7 http://houseandhome.com/design/rugged-rustic-country-kitchen )

Thanks so much!

spersaud @ hhmedia . com

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