Friday, May 11, 2012

Decorating Details By Designers For the Bath -- Ceiling -- Floors -- and Windows

When Touring the Recent and Most Fabulous
Pink Ribbon House in Houston, A Few Details 
 Stopped Me in My Tracks . . .
Yes, it's a nice moment when you enter a show house and find yourself pausing over a small -- or large detail -- so much so that you want to take the idea home with you.

This powder room is anything but predictable.
A lunar silver-grey linen silk fabric by Romo  gathers around the sink basin.

#1 -- Love the Sink and Wallpaper
 Designer Trish Dodson chose for the Powder Room

 Pewter sink....
by Linkasink and was purchased at Lighting Inc Hardware and Plumbing in Houston.

The paper-backed and painted burlap wallpaper is by Falls and Company.

#2 -- Love the sweet wispy monogrammed window covering
in the kitchen study. Designers Molly Levitt* and Mollie Oshman oversaw this space.

Window covering by DJ Draperies in Houston.
(condolences to the Levitt family on the death of Molly Levitt in March.)

#3 -- The Dining Room Floor! 
Loved the Stenciled Floor by Segreto Finishes.

#4 -- Love the Interesting Ceilings
Thanks to Architect Hollenbeck and Associates and Builder Levitt Partnership.

Family room designed by Bennett Design Group.

Hanging above the foyer.

Just back from Québec!
And I'm looking forward to posting images taken when there!
See you soon!! Thank you -- merci beaucoup -- for stopping by today.


10 Responses to “Decorating Details By Designers For the Bath -- Ceiling -- Floors -- and Windows”

Love, love the dinning room by Dodson and daughter. The floor is wonderful also.

Oh that floor is fab!!

Happy Mothers Day!

PURA VIDA said...

Just found your blog and I think I will really enjoy it. I'm a new follower from Texas

Rachel S said...

WOW! I`m speechless!

Thank you all for taking time to leave a comment; it's fun to hear from you!! I'm so glad you're part of my blog. Have a wonderful day. Warmly, -susan

Steve said...

Nice post which This powder room is anything but predictable.
A lunar silver-grey linen silk fabric by Romo gathers around the sink basin. Thanks a lot for posting.

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