Friday, April 6, 2012

A Home's First Impression Creates an Inviting Welcome

Nothing Says Hello 
Like a Front Garden 

It's that time of the year when many of us begin to think about our lawns and gardens. As I walked through my neighborhood, I snapped some of my favorite scenes, gardens and planting ideas. Inspirational photos always help get me up and moving . . . .

A Captivating Row of 19th Century Island Homes in Galveston
 Red and white signs, as seen above to the left, pop up in some of the images in this post, 
thanks to an upcoming political race.

Bricked Garden Spaces Break Up Grassy Spaces Near Street Curbs:

Another house in this historic neighborhood takes a different approach. They constructed a bricked curbside garden by first constructing a wooden "box." Then, they will lay brick around its exterior:

My dog, Sam, gives it a sniff . . . .

The finished bricked garden space:

A Variegated Garden is Eye-Catching:

 oops, I chose a photo sharing Sam's back end.

When I think "Island," I expect to See Lush Tropics,
and these don't disappoint:

When in Colorado recently, various shades of brown reigned the countryside -- from yards to mountains. . .
BUT, those areas will bloom and blossom in time. So, if you happen to live in a cold area, be patient. You can plan now for a stunning first impression. 
Simple Welcoming Touches or Additions Can Happen Now -- Anywhere . . .
Take, for example, the collection of potted plants by this doorway:

Trees Sometime Succumb to Disease, Drought or Hurricanes!
But, here in Galveston, they live on . . . homeowners turned their dead trees into art:

The New York Times recently wrote a story about Galveston, Texas' Tree Sculptures.
You can read it by going here
Galveston's tree sculptures have taken top spot in the island's tourist attractions. For info, please go here.

To read and see a previous post, showing a tree sculpture artist at work, go here.

Bright Spots in the Yard:

Since I don't have a grassy lawn that lends the flowery playground I crave, I've come up with a solution that makes me happy. And they seem to send a warm greeting to guests coming up my walkway. I've got grow beds; they're situated on a front brick patio! Take a look; I've just recently planted a vegetable garden:

These beds are easy to construct. Once you (basically) snap the sides together, you place within a special permeable liner and then just add dirt -- and plants, natch! I hope to show you a more mature garden in weeks to come. But, so far so good!

3 Responses to “A Home's First Impression Creates an Inviting Welcome”

Carla Aston said...

These are such beautiful coastal front gardens, Susan. I love the random mix of plant material. That's just my style. Love the railings on all these too. Galveston is such a pretty place to take a walk!

diana said...

Love the grow bed idea.. another small space to be creative in!

I LOVE the size of those gardens! After being out in the yard today, I was coveting the idea of smaller!!

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