Saturday, March 3, 2012

Texas Designer's Talent Exposed

I Love Interiors That Showcase Stylish Balance!
Originally, I thought the images below were of the talent, Cindy Witmer.
However, someone graciously corrected me -- and after doing some checking, the kitchen and dining room were created by the ever-inspiring Don Connelly who owns 
the must-see store in Houston called Area. My apologies to all, 
and my grateful thanks to the person in the know! 

OK, so I do have a beautiful full-range house I want to show you by Houston talent,Cindy Witmer -- but it's not going to be today. How is that for a tease?! I mentioned a few posts back that I've returned to school, and I'm still trying to fine-tune my balancing act with family, friends, new house, old home and everything 2012 is offering up these days. So, while I still seek my equilibrium -- and take my exams (!!)

These lovely spaces -- the kitchen and dining -- are by Don Connelly:

Loving the simplicity this inviting kitchen conveys -- along with the outdoorsy feel blended oh so nicely with chic elegant touches:

Look at those wonderful wide-plank wood floors -- and the stunning windows! And notice the interesting and easy juxtaposition of styles and materials. The industrial-type bar stools. The soft slip-covered chairs. The picnic-style table. The high-end counter tops and gorgeous iron chandeliers.

With the large nature piece hanging on the back wall and the white-washed wall effect, she's managed to bring the outdoors into this dining space. Mother Nature would feel like a pampered guest here.

Nothing like finding beauty and serenity in a bath. Loving the walls by Leslie Sinclair
 at Segreto Finishes. You can visit her Fabulous (!!) blog, here.

Hope you enjoyed a quick peek into Cindy's portfolio. Now,  wish me luck with my exams. 
I feel like I'm getting there . . . ! Bear with me as I pull it altogether.
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