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Feng Shui -- In the bedroom

Where Should You Place Your Bed for Restful Sleep? 
Below are three options. Which one would you choose?
According to Feng Shui principles, there is a best placement.

The ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on how we live and feel in our own personal environment. The aspect of placement in Feng Shui terms aims to help us feel safe, secure and happy in our homes.

Before sharing where to situate your bed, consider which placement appeals to you:




 (all images and ideas from the book, "Feng Shui That Makes Sense," by Cathleen McCandless

 SO, if the room above belonged to you, where would you want your bed?

As you may have read in a previous post (go here), I have a new-old house that I've been trying to settle into . . . and that's what prompted me to began reading in my precious spare time, Cathleen McCandless' book, "Feng Shui That Makes Sense."

Feeling Safe Translates Into Restful Sleep
McCandless writes that one of the underlying principles of Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") is the assurance of security. "The primary component that determines restful sleep is whether or not you feel safe," she writes. "Security and safety needs are instinctual and active 24 hours a day. Even when asleep, your survival instincts are working to protect you."

When deciding where to place your bed, the Feng Shui way is to place it in a position that allows you to see the doorway. That way you can always see who's entering the room and can ready yourself for protection, if needed, according to McCandless. You never want your back to an open doorway. So the optimal spot is this one below, called the "Command Position:"
The desired "Command Position."

McCandless writes that your sleep most likely will be affected if your bed is situated in a more vulnerable position. Your subconscious doesn't allow you to fully relax and get the much needed deep sleep you need. 

The least desirable bed placement is #2. A heightened sense of vulnerability results and hampers total relaxation. If you have no other option, McCandless suggests placing a mirror on the wall directly opposite the door. You'll then be able to catch a reflection of someone entering without your knowledge.

My own bed has been placed in the Command Position! So far so good. I'm sleeping like a baby. (The previous resident had the bed in the #2 position. Don't necessarily fall into the trap of same-ol' placement for furnishings. Think what benefits you.)

More Feng Shui principles to come, as I make my way through additional book chapters. 
It's interesting, don't you think? And so far, it seems to make sense.

5 Responses to “Feng Shui -- In the bedroom”

Ruth Kelly said...

I also heard that you should place your bed so that your head is facing north but in my case, there is a window on that wall and it is dangerous to place a bed under it because I live in earthquake country.

Hi Ruth,
It seems best to place the bed where you feel most secure, the safest. It sounds like you agree! That's why this Feng Shui view seemed most logical to me. I don't understand the arbitrary views, like the bed under the north window. Sweet Dreams!

Hi Susan,
Thank you so much for posting the excerpt from my book, "Feng Shui that Makes Sense, Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks". The book is now the number one best-selling feng shui book in the United States thanks to readers like you.
One quick thing though, my name is spelled with an "Mc" in front of the "Candless" part...
All the Best,
Cathleen McCandless

Hi Cathleen,
Thank you for bringing to my attention that I edited your name half way through the post. My apologies. What was I thinking?! ...don't know 'cause I'm sleeping well. (smile) I've enjoyed your book!
Thanks for stopping by. cheers! -s

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