Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Table Lamp and Standing Light Pay Tribute to the Late Great Amy Winehouse

The Portuguese Lighting Company,
Delightfull, Introduces "Amy" --
A Lamp With a Glowing Likeness to the 
Soulful Singer Who Died Too Young Last Year.

Amy's golden voice and her trademark jet-black bouffant hair style inspired the contemporary-retro look of this illuminating spotlight:

And here is a photo of Amy Winehouse, the English singer-songwriter, taken from her Web site:

 September 1983 –- July 2011

A closeup of the lamp's detailing:

 Prices, depending on the size, begin at $750 (or so I "hear)," but you'll have to check with Delightfull to make certain.

The table and standing "Amys."

Go here to hear the music by the singer, Amy Winehouse. 

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