Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home Offices -- No Holds Barred

Back to Work!
A Peek into Offices Where PJs Are Allowed.
The Editors at This Old House Share 16 of Their Favorites Here.
A few of theirs intermingle with others found -- and displayed in this post.

Something changed at home when the World-Wide Web and all of its technological descendants took hold, making the Earth "smaller" -- or more directly stated, more accessible. Home offices and stunning studies became as necessary as indoor toilets did in the 19th century (until 1840, indoor plumbing could be found only in the homes of the rich and the better hotels, according to about.com.)

 From Love Where You Live; go here for the post.
The design of this office was based on the architectural allure of French Pigeonniers.

Certainly, home offices afford much flexibility -- from what you wear to when you work.  And if you're with a company that relies on cross-continent phone calls to get business rolling, then it's always better to make those early communications from a warm, comfortable and equally productive space as an office miles away. Who wants to make a trek through rain or snow at 2 a.m. anyway?!

OK, some might have to go out . . . but still a 200-foot walk is better than driving -- and it's better for the environment! Case made! Here are two home offices that were built behind the "main house:"

From This Old House; go here for the details. 

The first home office was found right there in the kitchen. It seems they became a mainstay sometime in the 1990s. Or was it the late '80s? It's still an important place -- or perch -- to peruse cookbooks, pay bills and schedule parent-teacher meetings:

A home office nestled in a small kitchen space.

 An ASID showhouse in Houston featured a home office located off the kitchen in the "mudroom."
From Sunset's home office selections; go here to see more.

As we all know, offices can fit into any home -- even if it's in a closet or a spaced carved out in the family room . . . 

Both photos above from Sunset magazine.

Home studies and offices offer another venue for self expression. From the way it's decorated (or not) to where it's located (a renovated attic, perhaps) . . . . They all seem to say something about the worker bee (an artist, writer, decorator, photographer, architect, entrepreneur, investment banker . . . . 

Take a look at the collection below -- from Love Where You Live: 

A home commute looks pretty enticing, right? See any that ring your bell? 
I'd be interested to know. Just leave a comment below . . . I really do enjoy hearing from you!! Got to dash now -- and get out of my PJs!

Happy New Year. Wishing you all good health and well-deserved prosperity!

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4 Responses to “Home Offices -- No Holds Barred”

Carla Aston said...

Love these examples, Susan. Especially the ones in the ASID showhouse! One thing essential in my home office are DOORS, to close off all my mess! Great post.

Bethany said...

awww love this! as one with my own home office, it was super important that it be a place i would willingly spend 8 hr/day in :)

especially love the pic with the creme hide towards the end!!!


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