Friday, January 6, 2012

An Aquarium Sink -- Fish not included

Make a Splash in the Bath
With This Unique Wash Basin!
I found it priced at between $4,000 and $8,000 -- but, sad to say, that's without 
the colorful fish.  You'll have to pay extra to fill up this conversation starter --
the aquarium sink:

from Smolka

What do you think? Will it be among the items you purchase for your next bath remodel or build out?

8 Responses to “An Aquarium Sink -- Fish not included”

I am kind of speechless:) Never seen anything like this...this might have your guests lingering in your bathroom longer than you might like, lol.

Ha- I hadn't thought of that, Enchanted Home!! How true. How true. Thanks for the thought -- so buyers, beware. Your guests might not leave your bath.

Hmmm. Interesting...but a bear to change the water, eh?!

Hmm. Jury is out on this one! It feels weird to me. But definitely a conversation piece, if that's good to say about something in the bathroom!! Hi Susan, hope your new year is starting off great!!

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