Monday, January 31, 2011

Well-Appointed Bedrooms and Outdoor Rooms on Kelley's 2011 List

What a fun month it's been with about a dozen or so bloggers and professionals sharing their own 2011 forecasts or, rather, favorites for decorating, lifestyle, shopping, home building and more. It began as "What's Out and What's In," but it all became quickly evident that something really isn't out if you love it. A unanimous sentiment, really -- based on the comments received. So, subsequent posts focused more on what people love and hope to see more of during this coming year. You can read them all if you just scroll down, down and down . . . . 
Thanks to all who participated and who have stopped in to read! 

Topping it all off is Kelley who authors the blog, The Polished Pebble, and who also is establishing her own online company, Kelley and Company.  Her picks:

"Beautifully done, well thought out beds and bedrooms with crisp linens and big pillows;"
that's where Kelley hopes the focus will be in 2011. 
From my files: Thompson Custom Homes. Interior Design
by Maria Tracy at Tracy & Carpenter Design Studio 

"... and a wonderful place to sit and read a book."
From my files: Interior design by Cathy Chapman.

She also likes "outdoor 'rooms' with vintage garden furniture and interesting
 potted plants and garden tools."
From my files: Rusty Arena's, a textile artist, outdoor dining room.

Kelley's other "hot buttons:"

* Art work that has meaning to the owner and is not simply a picture that matches the rug.

* Technology ... anything that help us get things done more quickly and manages
 to look good too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big is Definitely Better When it Comes to Light Fixtures . . . so says LeSueur Interiors

Meg Lonergan at LeSueur Interiors lights up when she sees a large and impressive -- an essentially, unforgettable -- chandelier. And she thinks we'll see more of them this year! Actually, make that all light fixtures and sconces in various styles and shapes . . .

From my file collection. In a home built by Thompson Custom Homes.

From my files . . . a home designed by Trish Dodson.

A little shimmery sparkle found in Veranda magazine (Feb. 2011)

Meg, as did some of the others who provided 2011 What's-Hot-Now picks this month, says we'll continue to see ethnic textiles, too:

As seen in Elle Decor, March 2009

Meg recently shared these 5 tips on how to make your home more comfortable and exciting. And if you'd like to read more about her, she writes the blog, Lagniappe.

As for additional expectations for the year, she says to look for:

- concrete and honed marble or granite kitchen counter tops (no more shiny surfaces)
- soothing, neutral, pale paint palettes
- layered rugs
- simple, clean drapery treatments (no more over-trimmed and decorated styles)
- interiors that look collected (no matchy-match)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylist Stacy Kuntsel Favors Candelabras for Anyplace, Anytime

A couple of favorites working in the shelter biz have created a new company called 
Dunes and Duchess.

"Dunes" is talented photographer Michael Partenio. You've seen his beautiful images in almost every magazine on the racks today (as well as yesteryear). Stacy Kuntsel, stylist extraordinaire and editor, nicely assumes the role of "duchess."  
Together, they've designed this 
wildly romantic chandelier, 
now available
at Hudson's in Boston, Naperies in Dallas and Gump's in San Francisco, to mention a few:

A large hurricane lamp helps to create a cozy candlelit setting.

Table setting designed by Kenneth/Davis International at the 
Shippan Showhouse in Connecticut.

This year, Stacy offers a few predictions:

For starters, she expects we'll see more bold color and pattern mixes:

Better Homes and Garden. Photo by Michael Partenio.

She also says:

*Craftsmanship is making a comeback. 
*Made in the USA is the most-desired label.
*Personal style rules. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Paint Samples!

A pause for announcements before continuing more 2011 predictions ...

First, Tracy Morris Designs supplied the suggested color swatches in the previous post. 
If you'd like to read more of what inspires her from a color perspective, 
visit her blog, huemuse, here.

Tracy Morris

And secondly, since we're on the topic of paint colors . . . .

Valspar announced today The Power in Color Giveaway: 100,000 Valspar paint samples are being offered -- for free -- via Valspar’s Facebook page.

Visit to take advantage of this great offer. Consumers must simply click “like” for Valspar Paint to receive the free paint sample and kit. Valspar plans to give away daily 1,000 free, postage-paid starter kits -- until all 100,000 paint samples are gone.

"Paint Project Starter Kits" include a roller, a paint pan and coordinating paint chips—everything needed to make choosing the right colors easy — as well as a coupon 
for $5 off a gallon of Valspar at Lowe’s stores nationwide.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color is IN -- And Here's a Gift of Swatches to Get You Started....

It's all about color this year -- so say Interior Designers Kelley Proxmire and
Tracy Morris.
Kelley's yummy orange and white room -- below -- really wins me over and 
gets me salivating for more exciting use of color!  And, today, Tracy gives 
us a head start on what
to consider with 5 very cool "what's hot now" paint shades.

It's lite, crisp, elegant and hip, all rolled up into one. This room was designed
by Kelley Proxmire, who was featured on this blog once before. 
This link will take you to that post.

Tracy's color picks for 2011:
All from Benjamin Moore Paints

Cedar Green 2034-40

Cobblestone Path - 1606

Newburyport Blue - HC - 155

Palm Coast Teal - 733

Royal Fuchsia - 2078-30

What are your color picks for 2011?

Kelley also hopes and expects to see this coming year:

Turkish corners on accent pillows
(Pillows with smoothly pleated corners and a nicely rounded crown. The pristine finish gives them a very rich decorative look.)

Live green plants

One-of-a-kind vases
and unique items turned into lamp bases.

Decorative, custom-designed window
cornice boards

The Inclusion of dark-wood antiques
to enrich decors featuring painted furniture and stripped-wood finishes.

Creative use of color in rooms
(i.e. blue and orange rather than just the expected blue with yellow)

2011 predictions now continue after a brief pause this past week to enjoy life....So, 
a few more are coming!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchens and Baths are In, According to Architect Tom Wilson

Award-winning architect Tom Wilson designs a range of magnificent homes, from large 
to small, and in both traditional or contemporary styles. While Wilson's firm is located in Houston, he takes his expertise to wherever his client wants to live. You can see more 
of his work by going here. My favorite all-time stone house is one that he and Interior Designer Ginger Barber collaborated on here in Houston. This link will take you to the photos and the story about it.  
Tom also joins this week-long progression of What's In and What's Out for 2011.  
His predictions below:

Big Fancy Kitchens are IN
(but he thinks cooking, for most, is Out)

Photo from the September 2010 issue of At Home in Arkansas.
(photo by Nancy Nolan)

Spa-like Baths and Whirlpool Tubs are IN
(but he thinks slowing down to enjoy them, for most, seems to be Out.)

Photo from Western Interiors magazine

Kitchen/Great Room Combinations are IN 

Photo from Luxe Magazine. 
Architect: Tom Wilson
Interior Designer: Susan Bowman

Living Rooms are IN
(but he wonders if using them is Out)

Interiors by Washington, D.C. Designer Kelley Proxmire.

Also IN, says Tom:    Energy-efficient everything, home theaters and hidden TVs.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blogger Top Interior Design Predictions for 2011

Last week kicked off a series of predictions collected from professionals, bloggers and designers. Some said a lot; some offered their top two or three. Their words dictate, 
more or less, the type of post each day.

Today, Annie at Anniechovie, Lauren at Pure Style Home, Linda at Coconut and LImes
and Penny at The Comforts of Home give a thumb's up -- or down -- to more trends, classics and fads. It's all for fun . . . as we all agree, the most sure-fire truth is to be yourself when decorating.

From Annie:

IN -- Zebra prints.

(Black and white being Annie's preference, I most certainly think....
However, I couldn't resist bringing home this colorful fellow 

IN -- Pink

Borrowed from Virgin Media.

What's Out? Annie says: Paris-themed accessories, denim, neutrals, the 
                  mid-century craze.

From Linda:

IN -- Re-purpose and reuse.
(Think Habitat Homestore)

This large storage case goes down to $200 on January 15 at this Habitat Store.

IN -- Rescue Dogs

This is Lucky and you can read more about him here.

IN -- Target

IN -- Going Green
Taking traditional items and recovering or repainting to give them a fresh look.  

This high-back Queen Anne wing chair was restyled,
and reupholstered in indoor/outdoor fabric.
To be listed at The Green Plum soon.

IN -- Shop Local and Support Local Artists

My Daughter, Kate, shopping at YOLO in Salida, Colorado.
She's looking at clothing made by PJ Bergin, a local artist
whose work can be found here.

What's Out? -- "Made in China," beige, faux oil paintings, black and white furniture.

From Penny:

What's IN: Using recycled materials when designing and building. And not following trends.

What's OUT:  Antlers, burlap and the color gray. And anything "trendy."

From Lauren:

IN -- Nostalgic Items

"Anything that can be brought back into the limelight --
like chalkboards or brass -- that get used in
unconventional places or spaces."

Chalkboard necklace by Coco Delay Inc

This lampshade (4 1/2' x 8 1/2' x 8" height) is decorated with leaves made of brass wire. 
It is lined with a natural-colored, nubby, linen-like fabric.  INFO.

WHAT'S OUT?  She says:  "I'd say anything that gets talked about in 'blogosphere' for more than a month and a half, even -- no, ESPECIALLY -- if it's one of those items on the "what's in" list.  ;)

"For this reason, I say do what you love, forget the trends.  It seems as soon as we all get really into something, we're being told it's "out."  Being original and true to yourself seems to be the only thing that's always really 'in'."

Five More Views Coming This Week.....

                  In a nutshell, love where you live. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

What's In and What's Out for 2011 . . . According to Room Service -- Decorating 101, and Christie Chase

Two favorite bloggers -- Vicky at Room Service -- Decorating 101, and Christie 
at Christie Chase -- share their predictions of What's In and What's Out for 2011. 
Theirs is a continuation of a week-long series begun a couple of days ago. 

Vicky uses this living room below, designed by Charles Spada,
to convey her thoughts of What's In:

 OUT:  "I think we will see a departure of the all "White and Grey" rooms. 

 IN:  Changes will come slow and things will start to look more like this great room from Charles Spada." 

 An interpretation might be marrying interesting classics,
keeping a clean Traditional look, and adding soft splashes of color without overpowering effects.

From Christie Chase:

Fun, styled, quirky family photos blown up HUGE like this one from Lori Andrews:

Bland blue backgrounds on family photos with forced studio smiles.

Vintage resale chairs upholstered in unexpected modern fabrics -- like the one she did
below as a Do-It-Yourself projects. (She is the queen of DIY; check her out here!!!)

Ugly,  worn-out recliners sitting in the middle of an otherwise pretty room.

The fun continues, as more predictions and thoughts come this way....See you tomorrow!

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