Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Miguel de Allende Ribbon Curtains -- And a "Martha Stewart" Home on a Budget

First the New York Times,
Then The Today Show . . .
Both Featured a Couple Who Live off $20,000
a Year.  And in Martha Stewart Style!!

Artist Michael Flemming lives in Maine with his partner, Jennifer Wurst, whom he says can easily stretch a nickel into a dollar. And one dollar into five.  He told The Today Show in an interview this morning that the couple can be driving or walking down a street and Jennifer will invariably find something -- a treasure in her eyes -- on the side of the road. Of course, they pick it up to incorporate -- somehow --  into their clean but elegant decor.

The driftwood art on the left side on the dining room wall was made by the couple. They pay $600 in rent and everything in their home is re-purposed. If something breaks, then Michael fixes it. Their second highest expenditure, after the rent, is for groceries. They prepare all their meals, using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Jennifer says she feels they live well . . . purposefully and completely. They do have Internet, but they say no to cable TV.  They split wood to keep warm, and the state provides their health care. She doesn't expect their life to change; after all, they have it all -- including a toddler son.

If you'd like to see and hear the TV interview with this couple and be further inspired, please click here

For The New York Times slideshow, please click here

 The two photos shown on this post are from The NY Times.   
Credit: Trent Bell for The New York Times.

I thought the Maine couple -- two rooms of their home are pictured above -- offered a rich and inspirational message. One that seemed worthy sharing with you all. 

Ribbon Curtain Inspiration from San Miguel de Allende
My friend, Barbara -- recently sent me a couple of photos. She snapped them when visiting a mutual amiga.  That friend -- Jan, has a home in the Texas Hill Country and a keen eye for design and detail. (I featured her outdoor kitchen and entertaining arena in a past post. She can see and read about it, here.

Barbara says Jan got the idea for her new window treatment (above) when visiting San Miguel de Allende last year or so. 

The colorful ribbons offer such a fun and easy decorative solution for a door window that I had to share it! Install a rod and drap the ribbons over it. There you have it. You could tie them at the top, too. I might be inclined to do the latter. Then, anchor the ribbons with a variety of decorative beads -- as seen below.

 Tying beads at the bottom of the ribbons help keep them all in place. 

To create a festive mood for a party or occasion, you could also change out your windows with the seasons. Don't you think? Red, green and white for Christmas. Or how about gold, green and purple for Mardi Gras?

Thanks, Barbara -- and Jan!! -- this is such a cool idea!

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2 Responses to “San Miguel de Allende Ribbon Curtains -- And a "Martha Stewart" Home on a Budget”

I so want to learn more about the Maine couple!! The driftwood art is stunning. I love the frugal nature based clean approach!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Susan! sorry I have not been by to say hello in so long - I am just scattered and out of the blogging world these days. Well, you mentioned two of my favorite places - San Miguel and Maine!! Love both stories and will have to investigate further. Merry Christmas and love to you in the new year!! Ann

P.S. A kitchen surprise coming soon. :)

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