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Holiday Wreath Ideas -- Plus Some DIY Ones

Join a Few Do-It-Yourself Buffs
On This Showy List of Festive Wreaths

If you're decorating to celebrate one of several holidays this month, you might find some of the wreath ideas below worthy of consideration. Some even might work beyond this merry time with a few appropriate change-outs (i.e. removing the bows) -- to hang in your kitchen, brighten winter days, usher in spring, or to celebrate an occasion.

Some of the wreath ideas found in my mailbox this week: 

(below are a few)

By Designer Barry Dixon --made for the guestroom at the White House.
 Turn your bedroom into a festive retreat. Just a few holiday appointments can ensure the holiday spirit lives throughout your home. 

 Oranges and pomegranates mixed in with colorful leaves greet visitors.
But the homeowner also placed the same wreath inside. Great idea! See below.:

 A great idea here to place the wreath indoors as well! 
It mirrors the same one placed outside (see above).

 Dress up your dining room.
A wreath hanging over a mirror looks especially nice.

Designer Sandy Lucas did the Christmas decor below in this Houston home. It was a project that I had the great fun of working on two years ago. It appeared in Traditional Home magazine last year. In the heart of the home, the kitchen:

 Simple green wreaths hang, via glittery ribbons, at the back doors.
To see the post, click here.

(along with how-to-do-it information)

 Fill your home with the light scent of rosemary or bay laurel.
Remove the bow and hang for post-holiday enjoyment, too.
For DIY instruction, click here.

 These pepperberry wreaths look especially nice and cheery decorating this staircase.
For instruction, go here.

 Martha Stewart's jolly fun idea using red carnations. Go here for the "recipe."

 You could buy these jingle bell wreaths already made at a craft store or you can make your own. Click here for how-to steps. Enjoy the light tinkling sounds when visitors enter.

My daughter, Kate, found this one using peppermint candies. It's cheap to do, fun and lively:

 From the blog, Procrastination Station. Click here for the how-to information.
I think this blogger said this whole project cost her $1 to make!  Wow!

Kate also found this one below, which she shared on Delicious -- a fun social bookmark.  You can see all the wreath ideas she found by clicking here. (You might have to sign up to follow, but we have a lot of fun stacking up our favorites -- whether it's outdoor rooms, kitchens, DIY projects -- or wreaths!)

A little nature inspiration from the blog, Shabby Love. 
You can click here to see what she did using small branches found on the ground in her own yard.

This monogram wreath from the blog, Dittle Daddle, made our list last year:
(If you'd like to see that post, which includes additional ideas, please click here.)

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3 Responses to “Holiday Wreath Ideas -- Plus Some DIY Ones”

Carla Aston said...

Martha always has the most creative wreaths and Traditional Home has such lovely offerings. I love wreaths with fruit and real greens. Beautiful!

Wow. What a lot of great ideas. I could look at wreaths and anything Christmas over and over. It gives such a great feeling. Wish it could last all year! The pillow patterns are gotgeous, too. Thanks for the invite to come see them. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, Susan!

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