Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chairs that Brighten Your Day -- and a Happy Home Decorating Mantra Worthy of Sharing

My Friend Brenda Loves This Store:
Even though they're located in Denver, you still might find it fun to visit online.

Brenda lives in Denver but enjoys retreating to the high country with her husband for long well-deserved weekends. It's here at the foot of the Sawatch Mountains that she has created a personable home that fully embodies loving where you live. One way she ensures such a blissful ambiance is by selecting furnishings and accessories that make her happy. 

The table was designed and constructed by Dawn McEnany,a furniture maker living 
in Salida, Colorado. (She also made stools for their kitchen island.)

She had 5 Green Boxes paint the legs of her French-country chairs and then reupholster them in the company's trademark boiled wool. Their artisans also added the button-adorned appliques, neatly joined together to construct a nature-inspired design:

Another chair that caught Brenda's eye serves up more inspiration -- for those of you looking for the next DIY project, or others who seek ways to invite color and creativity into their own homes:

Brenda and her husband follow a certain "decorating" mantra, which they've applied in both building and furnishing their happy home. 

The first component: They try to buy locally as much as possible. Secondly, they infuse each room with art. They also like custom-made embellishments. And, finally, they appreciate using materials that don't deplete natural supplies. 

When Brenda hosted a small breakfast gathering recently, it all centered around her kitchen made of beetle kill pine. The main island and ceiling (pictured below) are made of the beetle pine kill. The floors are scored concrete. And the counter tops are granite. (Just in case you wanted to know.)

The lights above the couple's kitchen sink were commissioned pieces. Click here for information on Brice Turnbull, a glass artist living in Salida, Colorado. For a closer look:

When visiting Tuscan, Arizona, Brenda discovered the talents offered by Santa Theresa Tile Works. She hired them to do a custom piece comprised of handmade tiles, which she had set in her kitchen back splash:

I also wanted to show the fireplace, constructed of local rock. They allowed a few of the rocks to jut forward to serve as shelving:

If you want to try something delicious, go here for Brenda's yummy blueberry muffin recipe -- one that's been handed down by her family through various generations. (She's updated it a bit to ensure it's tasty as well as healthy.)



One response to “Chairs that Brighten Your Day -- and a Happy Home Decorating Mantra Worthy of Sharing”

Carla Aston said...

Those chairs are beautiful and a real conversation piece. I love boiled wool, it was used so much in clothing and ornaments in Norway, when I lived there. Great fireplace!

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