Saturday, December 17, 2011

3 Top Gifts -- for Home and Chocoholics

My Sister Shops Months in Advance . . . 
Darn Her!
But If You're More Like Me -- Still Scratching Off Names 
on Your List, Take a Look at Some of My Favorite 
Gift Ideas:
1. A Bayleaf-Rosemary Wreath
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I have this exact same wreath (above) hanging in my kitchen. It's been there for a year! This is the kind of holiday gift I like: one that can bring cheer all year round. Something to think about for the cook in your family or the one with the green thumb. Or send it as a "thank you" after spending time with friends.
I I bought it from Organic Bouquet, because I liked the fact this company cares about the environment, and social and economic sustainability.
From their Web site: "Sustainably grown flowers are gentle on the earth and safeguard ecology, while sustainable, biodegradable, green packaging is innovative and stylish. All of Organic Bouquet’s products, from floral arrangements and gourmet gifts to unique home accessories, have been certified by third-party agencies, such as USDA, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance." 
For more information about who they are and what they stand for, please click here. 
2. Turn Your Photos into Artwork
The photos above are two that I sent to Easy Print Canvases to turn into artwork. 
Each came back on wrapped canvases, ready to hang. The first photo is of a friend of mine who just became a grandmother for the first time. I loved the moment, catching her looking adoringly at her own baby. I sent it to her as a gift. The second I snapped from my car window as we drove through New Mexico. It hangs in my bedroom. I love it because I like both the mountain states and, of course, I love the beach. It repletes me. 
I like the personable flavor of this gift idea. It captures a unique time. At this time, it might be a gift that welcomes in the New Year or says "thank you" for having us. Sign up for their newsletter for cost-saving discounts!
3. Make Your Own Chocolate Bars
from Chocomize 
As a big fan of dark chocolate (theirs is 73% cocoa), I was thrilled to come across this site and find that I could customize my own bars! I expect my order to appear on my doorstep sometime this week.  I couldn't wait to take a nibble, I wanted to share it now with all you choco-fans. They offer milk and white chocolates, too.
I filled my bars with all types of goodies.  You can choose from Nuts and Seeds. Fruits. Herbs and Spices. Candy. And other add-ons.  
For more shopping -- and ideas, go here.
What are your favorite gift ideas? To receive and to give?
Remember:  A few hours left to sign up for the Christmas Bear GiveAway. Go here for details. 

5 Responses to “3 Top Gifts -- for Home and Chocoholics”

Lynda said...

Those are great gift ideas! I've been wanting one of the bayleaf wreaths.

(Am I the only one that has the annoying 'facebook, tweet, etc.' bar on the side of the page? Is there a way to get rid of it?? It interferes with reading the page.)

Wow love these ideas...I am a serious neat to make your own bars!! And anything having to do with photos always means so much, I am also a picture junkie:)

Carla Aston said...

Great ideas. I love the wreath, it's a classic!

Thanks for such wonderful ideas, all of which I intend to use!

designchic said...

From one who is still trying to find the perfect gift for a few, I love these ideas...the wreath is gorgeous!!

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