Thursday, November 24, 2011

Organic Modern Decor Begets a Satisfying Balance of Surprise and Comfort

A Rustic Montana Home
That Isn't Your Typical Western Retreat . . .
Worth Interiors in Colorado made sure of that 
by employing a complementary mix of materials and styles

You See, when I travel, I pack my heavy-duty Dash and Albert bag with a few magazines that I can read and browse when airline personnel instruct me to turn off my Kindle Fire (which I love!) -- until we reach an acceptable "turn-it-back-on" altitude.
Mountain Living magazine, which featured this spectacular Montana home, was among the mix of my must-reads.

 By the way, I have two of these bags (the other one is green and white). 
I've had them both for years. They're sturdy enough to carry my laptop, books and magazines and whatever else I want to have with me on the plane or at my side in the car.

This bedroom, which graces this month's cover of Mountain Living, caught my eye:

What drew me in:  The rustic-glam touches along with the unexpected modern accents -- like the light fixture above, orange footstool and white lamp. I liked the antler-designed chair on the right draped in a fluffy white skin (alpaca, sheep???). I think the platform bed and large distinctive headboard make an inviting scene, along with the soft bedding (wouldn't it be nice it that was cashmere?!). Note the dark contemporary window frames and the old wooden beams. Nice contrasts. I do feel like I want something more orange. Just one more thing,, perhaps. But that's it; I find this to be an inviting refuge from cold evenings.

I wanted to share a couple more views of this home, because I so loved the consistent yet varied elements of surprise. 

The aspen tree wall suits my liking for and want to bringing the outdoors inside. It's unconventional and welcoming. An interesting thing about the floors. They're wide-plank, white-washed oak that the builders (Highline Partners) sanded and then applied a black wash to create the soft yet weathered look as seen above. 

The high-tech media room above features a very graphic yet grounded wall of aspen tree slices. It's a pleasing visual appropriate to the environs.

The cowhide panels above with the railroad spikes provide a space in the entry where visitors can hang their hats -- or coats. The design firm likes to use interesting materials -- and in some cases faux finishes -- in small areas to create interest and warmth. Their philosophy seems to be that smaller spaces benefit from the use of special attention. The spaces, therefore, prove interesting without grabbing too much attention from the rest of the house.

The house

Lest you think this house is all about special effects, I invite you to visit the Mountain Living magazine Web site -- here -- to see more of the house and to read the interview with the designer and Montana-based architectectural firm, KMA,Inc.



3 Responses to “Organic Modern Decor Begets a Satisfying Balance of Surprise and Comfort”

Gorgeous...thanks for the photos. Happy Thanksgiving.

Carla Aston said...

Love the tree wall and tree slices. Great ideas! I want a bag like yours! Must put on my Christmas list.

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