Sunday, November 13, 2011

Online Shopping -- And One Gorgeous Dining Room

 Before We Shop --
Remember the Boldly Hip Living Room,
Posted Last Week? You Can See it Here.
A pillow and a painting in that living room served to inspire the peachy coral color 
of the homeowner's dining room.

It's a nice move when you walk from one room to another and feel like you're still in the same house. Even if each room evokes its own personality, it's a good point to have a connecting element. In this case, it's a peachy coral color that provides some continuity in rooms designed by Julie Dodson.

In a room that's strong in browns and tans, Julie added splashes of a color in the living room that assumes more prominence in the dining room. A look at the peachy coral accents -- the throw pillow and abstract painting -- in the living area:

Another look at the dining room:

(At the time of this post, Julie's link to her Web site was down. Hopefully, it gets repaired soon -- in case you want to see more of her work.)
-- first, a personal note

Dear Love Where You Live Visitors,

A LITTLE HISTORY:  I began this blog a couple of years ago as an offshoot of my work -- as 
a field editor for Meredith Publishing and the owner of a home furnishing boutique. When economic conditions forced us to close the shop, I still wanted to continue the blog -- for the enjoyment and because of newly made friendships.

TODAY'S EVENTS: My daughter, Kate -- a beautiful young woman with a talented techie touch -- recently introduced me to affiliate marketing. 
Since a considerable amount of time goes into making this blog interesting (at least that is the hope), inspirational and educational, we thought if we could make a few dollars doing it, that would be a nice bonus.

YOUR HELP PLEASE:  In our decision to become shop affiliates, we also wanted to share any monetary rewards with a worthy organization.
There are so many. But, the Alzheimer's Association seemed to be an especially important one. The devastation of losing your memory and abilities to do everyday tasks both saddens and frightens me. And I know the people affected feel the same way. The alarming truth is that the number of people being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is growing. We would like to contribute to the research to reverse or control this horrible and unimaginable illness. We would appreciate your help.

PLEASE BOOKMARK our Shopping Page, which we will continue to expand. As a gift to you, we look for and alert you to discounts that certainly make shopping more fun and affordable.  Whenever you decide to buy from one of our online shops, we hope you'll come to Love Where You Live again and again. The thing is you must click on the shop when visiting Love Where You Live.

So, if you see something intriguing, just click on the link to the shop(s). There is no obligation to browse, if that's all you wish to do. Even though you click to shop,  your transactions will be completed on the store or company's secured site. Love Where You Live then will be recorded as the "salesperson."  Out our small commission, we will will share 25% of our commission with the Alzheimer's Association. Every penny counts!

So please-please shop with us. In a show of support for Love Where You Live. And to the Alzheimer's Association research pursuits.


Thank you so much. For your visits. For everything.

Go here to shop (we will be adding more...!)

My best,

p.s. Katie, honey, thank you for your ideas and contributions. Your support and help means a lot!

4 Responses to “Online Shopping -- And One Gorgeous Dining Room”

Amazingly outstanding home interiors. Beautiful.

What a great idea and generous offer. I will certainly look into your online shop. I am deeply affected by Alzheimers as my mother has been diagnosed for about 3 years. Just this last Sat. when I went to her memory care center, she didn't recognize me for the first time. I knew this day would come but it was still terribly upsetting. Anything we can do to further the research will be greatly appreciated. I come to Salida a couple of times a year (a friend has a cabin there) so I would love to meet you some time. Thank you!!!!

Dear Diana,

I hope people are inspired to help when they come to visit Love Where You Live! I am saddened to hear about your mother. I experienced the same as you with my grandmother. Certainly, she was much older but still....It was scary and sad. For both of us, as she realized who I was 30 minutes into our conversation. A friend of mine whose husband (60-something) also died from Alzheimer's complications a couple of years ago. He fought it for many years. She directed me to the Alzheimer's Association; she is very involved with the organization.

I would love to meet you. Please do email again when you plan to come. I didn't have your email so here this is ... a very public message back to you.

My best -- and my thoughts are with both you and your mom.

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