Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Decorating Style Fills This Home With Certain Joie de Vivre -- by Designer Julie Dodson

6 Reasons To Love This Living Room
unleashes a confident and kicky decorating style for a pediatrician-homeowner's 
Houston home.

The last time I saw Julie, we were standing in a bedroom that she decorated for a Pink Ribbon show house. It was a softly feminine space filled with glamorous touches and discreet accents of pink and mauve. (You can see it by clicking here.) Absolutely lovely. In fact, Traditional Home magazine photographed it. This project -- for this post, though, reveals an exciting combo of patterns; a joy that I also detected in her descriptions to me.

#1 -- I like how she used polka dots (the pillows) to complement the zig zag in the rug.
Plus the explosive color in the abstract above makes this space sing.

I got a thrill seeing this home. Because it's fun. I think the additional images below speak volumes about the personalities involved in decorating this room. It represents a confident expression that delights visitors who enter this home. Envision a nice traditional home in an upscale neighborhood. A place where you expect it to be more traditionally appointed inside than ultrachic.
#2 This boldly graphic rug is killer in here. We're seeing this more modern look take hold, replacing the Persians and Orientals -- and sisals -- we typically see. It definitely conveys a youthful vibe in a very grown-up way! 

#3 -- Rather than hanging a rectangular framed painting in the rectangular panels above the fireplace, Julie went circular. I like the contrast of shapes. The mirrored sunburst reaches out. No boundaries; no confinement.

#4 -- The flirty curtains designed in a pattern (a leafy vine, is it?) complement the rug and suit the room overall. Covering the French chairs in leather is a dapper move, I think.

 #5 -- The open shelves keep it airy and light. And since a pair of them flank the fireplace,they keep the room from feeling too closed and tight. 

#6 -- Again another brown pattern fabric. All these complementary brown-pattern fabrics make the room seem lively, light and interesting! Not stuffy, boring or BROWN. The small pattern is appropriate for the slipper chair, and it complements rather than competes with the bold rug. The slipper chair also works for me, because it doesn't overpower the space fronting the fireplace. 

A couple more views:

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. 

Have you ever spotted a "to-die-for" piece of furniture at a tag sale or flea market at a too-good-to-pass up price?  Then you buy it, drag it home, maybe even clean it up. . . and then it stops right there. 
You might wonder, "What do I do with it now?"   
Design Shuffle provides some inspirational solutions. (photo from Design Sponge)

6 Responses to “New Decorating Style Fills This Home With Certain Joie de Vivre -- by Designer Julie Dodson”

Susan - what a great house! Love the fabrics and colors, and I always like some black and white mixed in. As always, love the great art, too! Really pretty.

Nice point about the black, Ann or Ms Hill Country House. The black does seem to add sophistication. Thanks for the comment!

I love the graphic rug and her art! The space sets it off beautifully.

Pretty the happy drapes and it just feel like it would be a good space for entertaining.

thesagmillers said...

I realize its been a couple years, but do you have any idea where the fabric for those curtains came from? I love them! Thanks!

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