Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giant Willow Sculptures by British Artisan -- AND Hand-crafted Architectural Moldings

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Gillian Montegrande, co-founder of Made By Hands of Britain, understands the economic sensitivity of today's world. So, according to this entrepreneurial spirit and  artisan, when you decide to make a purchase, "buy once but buy well." 

Willow weave artist Rachel Carter's sculptures. She has accepted an invitation to exhibit her work at the Philadelphia Horticultural Show in 2013.

"In a world of homogenized, mass-produced, disposable items, it is reassuring to know that there are people who still want to use their hands and ingenuity to create things that other people will still go out of their way to source and own," says Gillian, who writes a blog that you can find here.

 Rachel combines her passion for art and design with a love of nature. Made of steel and willow, Rachel intertwines the materials to create added beauty for the garden and landscape.
(And, in you're interested, she ships!) 

  Willow sculptress Rachel Carter.

 Willow drop sculptures, designed to sway and spin in breezes, by Rachel who showed her pieces at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. 
For prices and more information, go here. 

Gillian reports that Made by Hands of Britain showcases 185-plus artists -- some of whom still employ 17th-century craft-making expertise, enhanced by modern-day improvements. Like the craftsmen at Architectural Mouldings. Samples of their work:

When you want a customized ceiling medallion, go to the professionals to get what you want and need. 

 Dentil molding conveys an architectural element suits the soft elegant style of this home.

 Crown molding at its best.

Geoffrey Preston is one of the UK's leading architectural sculptors. Some examples of his work. Note the detailing, design and obvious inspiration:

Your spirit benefits -- as does your home when you celebrate it with customized appointments that reinforce the continued existence of Old-world craftmanship.  It feels good to live in a place where you share with others a one-of-kind item. 

In Gillian's words:  "“Many craft traditions have age-old systems of instruction and apprenticeship, and one proven safeguarding strategy is to reinforce and strengthen those existing systems by offering financial assistance to student and teacher to make transmission more attractive to both.”
When you visit Made by Hands of Britain, be prepared to spend some quality time. There's much to see, learn and consider. Thank you, Gillian, for introducing yourself -- and your country's many talented and inspiring artists!


2 Responses to “Giant Willow Sculptures by British Artisan -- AND Hand-crafted Architectural Moldings”

Oh my gosh, Susan!! Those huge willow sculptures are amazing!!! Wow. Happy holidays to you and yours! Ann xo

Carla Aston said...

Love those willow sculptures! Handmade objects offer so much more. I'm so glad to know of this source.

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