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Festive Table Ideas by Designers and Bloggers.

Fabulous Centerpieces Celebrating the Arrival of Fall -- and Thanksgiving!

When writing a decorating article for Coast Magazine,
it occurred to me to ask some very talented friends to share 
their own inspirational ideas.

 Create a vase by stacking pumpkins.
By photo stylist extraordinaire, Karin Lidbeck Brent.

Many of us in the U.S. already have begun to make plans for Thanksgiving, held the fourth Thursday of every November.  But regardless of where you may live, the lovely table settings -- and autumn and nature-inspired decor -- shown in this post hopefully will inspire us all to celebrate the change of seasons. So wherever you live or might be -- enjoying an opposite season, perhaps -- I think these friends of mine will give you good incentive to appreciate family and home by setting a table that's as delicious as the food. Their creations and ideas are that wonderful! Thanks to all who helped me with this post as well as the story for Coast.

More ideas from Karin:
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. How cool is this?
Love it!

You really should go the extra mile with your table if your cooking skills are only so-so.
Because with a look like this, who cares?! If you are a gourmet; however, then it's 
an event to remember. The "icing on the cake."

Karin also writes a beautiful blog, "Your Cozy Home," that you can find here.

Artie Vanderpool, who authors Color Outside the Lines, came up with a dynamite idea using driftwood. He transformed a found piece into a candle holder! Just so you know, he lives in New York state. He turned up the volume on my request to share a winning idea with Coast readers. And now with you . . . .

You can find his simple directions, along with more ideas, here. So easy!

Nature also inspired Kelley Motschenbacher, author of the blog, The Polished Pebble.
She found much of what she placed in her centerpiece from her own backyard. She did add the little blue quail eggs (real and dried) that she bought from an arts supply center. She makes her home in California. So, of course, she's dining outside!

This is a perfect alfresco setting suitable for next weekend, assuming you've got the same good weather she enjoys. Why wait for a holiday? This turns a routine day into a special one. She also explains more of what she used and did here.

Kim Nichols, who writes the blog, "Savvy Southern Style," shares this coastal-themed centerpiece:

 She took a huge vintage dough bowl and filled it with raffia, pumpkins, gourds, shells
and coral.

Linda Roberts, author of Lime in the Coconut blog and who lives in Florida, also turned to her own surroundings to create this stunning centerpiece:
She used a great big clam shell to hold her bounty and then set out palm fronds 
to enrich the look.

Fish netting over a brown tablecloth, light green hydrangeas in small white vases, a bowl of seashells, and dishes of light and dark blue serve up a beautiful table -- perfect for any season or time.This table design is from Interior Designer Susie Caliendo. She lives in the Boston area.

A lot of fun personality here. 
The complete look in Susie's family room. (two photos above by Sam Gray.)

From Delores Arabian who lives in northern California and writes a wonderful blog called Vignette Design. She shares some of her favorite table settings below. Plus, you can see another one of hers at Coast. Just click here to go to that site, where you'll see how she used a large pumpkin as her focal point for a table centerpiece.

 Crystal stemware offers a contrasting but very welcoming contrast to the rustic pail filled with flowers of autumn hues.

 Love the rich colors and festive vibe, don't you?

Both Helen Stroud, owner of the store, Olivine in Houston, and Houston Interior Designer Carla Aston draw upon family memories when preparing their table for annual sit-downs. I did a story on Helen last year about what she does to make Thanksgiving a memorable time. If you'd like to read what she does, along with her tips, please visit here

 Helen opted to dress this table with chargers rather than a tablecloth. There was no way she was going to hide this beautiful table made by daughter Catherine who, by the way, also did the artwork center right. Helen uses many inherited pieces here -- from dishes to flatware. This table setting was a first for her 19th century home in Galveston, Texas. (photo by Jennifer Reynolds/Galveston Daily News)

Carla also writes a very informative design blog ("Design in the Woods") that you can see by taking this link. You might think at first her blog focuses on the woods, literally speaking. But, oh no. She's a city girl making traditional looks hip. Check her out! She's also quoted in the Coast article here.

Hoping you're enjoying a wonderful season -- wherever you are!

Would love to hear from you. Thanks, as always.

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