Monday, November 21, 2011

Black and White Rooms -- Reasons To Love This Stunning Look

It's All Very Black and White 
for Maryland-based
Kelley's no stranger to lively color palettes (see the orange and green house she did here), but she does seem to see and understand the strengths a black and white combo can offer a space.

#1.  Black and white conveys a yin and yang balance to a room. It feels strongly masculine, yet not overly so thanks to the lighter feminine touch the soft white adds.... Black with white creates a classic, timeless style.

#2.  So striking, so boldly confident, it almost sounds too wimpy to refer to it as a neutral palette. But that it is. This black and white is a striking show stopper on its own, but it certainly can accommodate color.  If you want the option to change the look of a room up on a whim, this is the backdrop to use. Add yellow. A lilac hue. Greens. Oranges. Reds, of course. What wouldn't look great? Add a lush vase full of colorful flowers. Or how about jazzy throw pillows or a bright patterned throw?

#3. Black and white is dramatic ... a little edgy. Very sophisticated....

#4. Black and white doesn't need or require a lot of layering. The strength in the look would become diluted with too many added, smaller trinkets and accessories. This is a clean look that gains its power and appeal thanks to larger yet fewer accent pieces.

#5. For a neutral palette, it's exciting. Especially when graphic fabrics are added to the mix, such as with the throw pillows.  It can go traditional without the expected trappings. It's very clean and straightforward.

(photos above courtesy of Kelley Proxmire Interior Design.)

Today, as happenstance would have it, Ethan Allen Furniture popped into my mailbox with dramatic stripped flare -- all in celebration of Black and White in various style settings. If you'd like more inspiration, visit their catalog here.

5 Responses to “Black and White Rooms -- Reasons To Love This Stunning Look”

I'm certainly a fan of black and white! What a great post!

Good post, and really helpful. What's not to love about black and white? Especially when it comes to accessorizing it or changing things around for a new look.

I like that tabletop with the nailhead trim. It looks like a possible DIY for a problem tabletop.

Carla Aston said...

Beautiful work. I love the black and white. High contrast in a space really adds drama.

chanteusevca said...

As much as I adore color, these black and white designs are certainly striking. I know that I love contrast and these rooms give a lot of that too. But would still love to see a little pop of red! Gotta have my red!

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