Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Before and After Bathroom -- From Dated to Pretty -- AND Take a Look at This Wooden Tub

Houston Interior Designer Carla Aston
Does It Again (see a teen room she did here)
For Homeowners Wanting an Upgrade in Their Bathroom

Lovely! (It's probably their favorite room in the house now.)
Antique brass hardware, lighting, and fixtures bring out the warm tones of the onyx and marble and complement the look of the rest of the home.  Glossy paint on the cabinetry provided a reflection and lightness that helped brighten the space.
"With a very small footprint and no way to expand the bathroom or closet, the homeowners wanted to remodel to get the maximum use of space they had, to get rid of some annoyances, and to upgrade finishes.  The small shower was a big annoyance as was lack of storage space.  One requirement was to keep her vanity outside the main bathroom. They wanted to maintain a classic, traditional look that was in keeping with the style of the house," says Carla.

 The decision to use ceramic tile in the bath kept costs down. Carla used a little
marble on the shower seat and on the counter to convey touches of opulence. 
Note the mosaic tile flooring in the shower is on the back wall behind the sink.

She used the same little square tiles as on the built-in seat for a diamond patterned arrangement that breaks up the ceramic wall. 

 The homeowner's vanity is in the forefront here, and the entrance into the newly remodeled closet fronts this right wall. The rest of the main bathroom is beyond the door. Remember, the homeowner wanted her vanity area outside the main space, and Carla obliged. A nice use of space!

A BEFORE Shot of the Shower:

 Seeing this dated and unglamorous look gives
you an idea of the transformation Carla Aston achieved. Bravo!
(After photos by Miro Dvorscak) 

If you haven't already, I hope you'll check out Carla's blog --  ("Design in the Woods" -- so named for a residential community in north Houston). Click here.

How About a Nice Soak
in This Wooden Tub:
 Apparently, according to a write up in The Designer Pages, 
wooden soaking tubs are the thing in Asia. (If anyone is reading this and lives somewhere in Asia . . . let me know, are these teak carved tubs popular there?) It makes sense that teak wood might be used for a bathtub. After all, yachts seem to take to the wood quite well. The tub is distributed by Alegna. What do you think?

8 Responses to “Before and After Bathroom -- From Dated to Pretty -- AND Take a Look at This Wooden Tub”

Such a beautiful renovation! Love the shape of the shower seat.


Carla Aston said...

Thanks so much for posting about my project, Susan! It was fun to work with these homeowners and the contractor did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carla

Thank you for posting our bathtubs on your blog. The bathtub is not made of teak wood. The wood we've used is called "Wenge".
At the moment our bathtubs are very popular in Europe (mostly in England).
With best regards from Switzerland

Sherful said...

This is a gorgeous bathroom. She is so talented. Lovely work!

Love Carla's blog. She is so talented.

What a fabulous use of tile! I am crazy about the patterns used. Oh what a wonderful improvement!! Thanks Susan - isn't Carla talented?!!

Kurban Ali said...

Nice article and great knowledge about Green Onyx. I love this story and enjoy with your words!

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