Friday, October 7, 2011

Where You Live: Kitchen Inspiration From Julia, Stephen and One Fiery Cook

First Up:  A Handsome Kitchen From Interior Designer
Stephen Stills
I clipped this photo when Stephen Stills was featured -- not so long ago -- in The Wall Street Journal. I'm not sure what attracted me . . . it might have been the balance of light and dark and even perhaps the herringbone-patterned floor.  I like it because it's approachable; I could see a real family spending time here. You probably know what I mean by that, right? Some kitchens seem so pristine that you might as well hang a sign that says, "Off Limits." But, not this one. For more about the designer, go here.

Houston Interior Designer Julia Blailock 
Created an Interesting and Pleasing Kitchen Space:

I especially liked all the furniture-quality built-ins this kitchen offered. The layout is such where there is space for the main working space. And, then, in an area "behind" the kitchen space (and dining room, which isn't seen here), is this long stretch of an area with various displays and cabinetry. I've included a "long view" of this space among the photos below.

If you would like to see more of Julia Blailock's work within Love Where You Live, please go here. She worked on a Houston Dream Home.
She's also been featured in Secrets of Segreto; for that post, please take this link -- that will show you the home where this kitchen resides. And, Cote de Texas also has featured Julia; please click here.

More Inspiration . . . A Fiery Red!
One Homeowner's Dream Place.

 You can see more and more of this kitchen by taking a quick jump to 
As always, I enjoy hearing from you! Please leave a comment -- or tell me what's cooking in your kitchen. Either from a design point, or really seriously what you've got on the stove!

6 Responses to “

Where You Live: Kitchen Inspiration From Julia, Stephen and One Fiery Cook

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous kitchens! Loving the one with the beautiful red cabinets. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

Wow, I love that black kitchen! Bold and dramatic. Lovely work here all around!

I love the look of painted cabinets! The black isn't too scary and while the red is a bit much, it sure is fun! Maybe painting the cabinets a fun color and have open shelving on top would make it less in your face. Thanks for changing it up from the usual all-white kitchens I've been seeing everywhere!

Hi Susan! Great post, although you know it tortures me to see all these great painted cabinets!! I think I should just throw all caution to the wind and go for the RED cabinetry, don't you!?? Actually, sort of seriously, I already have the black counter tops, the wood floors, and we are probably never going to sell this baby anyway.............hmmmmm.....the red really is fun!!

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