Friday, October 14, 2011

Where You Live: Important Measurements to Know About When Decorating Your Home

How Big Should Your Chandelier Be?
What Size Table Should You Get?
Renowned designers provide the answers.

I've been wanting to do a post on this subject for quite sometime, as we all need to access this information -- important measurements to have when decorating a home -- from time to time.

Co-incidentally, I was visiting my mom and dad when I began surfing the various design topics headlining the magazine app on my iPhone. It turned out to be a relevant pastime. The three of us just had been discussing what type of chandelier might work in their dining room. I had mentioned their old one seemed a bit small for their space. According to the latest House Beautiful (online edition anyway), Interior Designer Bunny Williams has the answer!

So . . . How Big Should Your Light Fixture Be?

Bunny Williams

Her answer:  Add the length and width (in feet) of your room to determine the diameter of your chandelier. A 20' x 15' room requires a light that is 35 inches in width. (Interior Designer Thom Filicia, by the way, advises hanging the chandelier 36 inches from the top of the table.)

How Large of a Table Should You Get for Your Dining Room?

Charlotte Moss

Her Answer:  Know that a 36-inch rectangular table is perfect for conversation. A 48-inch round seats six, and a 60-inch round will accommodate eight to ten chairs.

How Far Will a Gallon of Paint Go?

 Alexa Hampton
Her Answer: A gallon of paint will cover approximately 400 square feet of wall space. 

What is the Best Curtain Height?

 Miles Redd

His answer:  Mount curtains as far up as you can to give the room height. Then let them break 1-1/2 inches onto the floor.

To see what other designers have to say about light switches, sofa fabric quantities and the perfect kitchen island height, visit House Beautiful to read the short article. 

What questions do you have? Or if you have the answers to other common questions, please share! My Comment Box is available to you below. It's always nice to swap information.

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Where You Live: Important Measurements to Know About When Decorating Your Home

Writing all those tips down!

Thanks Susan.....xoxo kelley

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