Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where You Live: What You Need to Know About Dimmer Switches! And Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations.

Sometimes the Best Advice
Comes From the Most Unexpected Sources.
My handsome 80-something-year-old dad, who's known for almost anything but his
interior design expertise and anything related, called me the other day
to give me a tip on dimmer switches.

 Just say "no" to these energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs if you're using dimmer switches.

You see, my parents recently swapped out their smallish, shiny brass chandelier for a larger bronze brown number. When we talked, I suggested they might want to install dimmer switches, especially since the lights face downward. "It shouldn't be a big deal," I said. And my mother quipped in return, "We have them!" Well, alrighty. Who knew? They're already ahead of me (...no surprise there really).

So, I get this call a day or so later from my dad who says he placed energy-efficient bulbs in their new chandelier. Then, they began hearing a low humming noise, and the light itself was flickering. Naturally, he investigated. And, I'm glad he did. It benefits me and perhaps you, too!

As it turns out, dimmer switches need incandescent bulbs -- not florescent ones!

 Use these bulbs with lights operated by dimmer switches.

If you want to know the "why" part of this, click this link and you'll get your answer. 
And if you knew this, then you probably also know what to do with tombstones . . .Or do you?

Looking for A Halloween Decorating Idea?
 (I ran across a "how-to" for Gravestone Rubs in Galveston Monthly magazine. 
And, I thought there might be more than one application for such an exercise . . . .)

(Actually, my daughter, Kate, thinks this would be a great late afternoon or early evening event for a group on or before Halloween. So get how of the house, take a cemetery tour and see what interesting tombstones you find!)

How to Do a Gravestone Rubs:
First, find an interesting gravestone. Perhaps one dating back to the Spanish-American War.
Look for interesting sentiments, icons and images. 

You may need to clean the gravestone before you being your artistic rub.
Use a soft brush to clean it with water or diluted pool shock. You want
to remove the dirt.  
 (photos from Galveston Monthly)

You can use rice paper, butcher paper and perhaps just plain-Jane white. 
Tape the paper to the gravestone, after it's been gently cleaned.
Then begin to rub with a piece of charcoal, rubbing wax or crayon. Begin at the edges and work inward. Spray it with hairspray to ensure its hold. Gently remove the paper.

Since graveyards, ghosts and such often characterize the eeriness associated with Halloween, these rubbings might inspire some fun decoratations. What do you think? Have some ideas to share?

OR, if you run across some interesting, albeit cryptic symbols, they might be interesting transfers for pillows, placemats, family records or original artwork. Or what else? Any ideas out there?

Some symbols found on gravestones.
(photo from Galveston Monthly)

A YouTube link for gravestone rubs; click here.
Or, if you prefer to read a primer for beginners, go here.

I've bought my rice paper!  Now, I just need to find time to visit our local cemetery. 
So stay tuned.....

In the meantime, I've been in the kitchen. More pumpkins line my counter. 
I found a terrific recipe in Eating Well magazine for Maple-Pumpkin Custard!
From Eating Well magazine.

Talk to me. 
I love hearing from y'all !!


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Where You Live: What You Need to Know About Dimmer Switches! And Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations.

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