Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where You Live: Function Meets Design in Taos, New Mexico

A Friend Sent Along Photos of This Home,
Located Just 15 Miles North of Taos, New Mexico.
It's situated on 3.5 acres, lush with Ponderosa, Pinyon and cedar -- 
on Lama Mountain 

I thought I'd share what they did -- and what caught my attention. 
For example, I especially like the Japanese influences, which you'll see in the bedroom and bath photos.

  Nice, thoughtful touches begin at the front door, which was constructed of Spanish cedar. The aluminum-clad windows are framed in Douglas fir. Recycled Styrofoam rastra walls eliminate chance of condensation while also providing extra insulation. 

Imagine warming up next to this Rumsford fireplace.  The massive Ponderosa beams placed throughout the home were harvested right there on Lama Mountain.

The 9-foot bamboo-etched Shoji Screen provides privacy -- and evokes warmth. Beyond is a Murphy bed in the guest room.

 The Shoji screen is used to conceal the Murphy bed when it's not in use.

 Simplicity is key in the master. The floor is bamboo.

 A colbalt sink sits on Honduras mahogany. The dressing area includes a built-in maple dresser and storage. It also features an ofuro, a Japanese soaking tub.

  The bench is Pennsylvania Bluestone.

 The banco nook is a perfect spot for bird watching -- or curling up with a good book.

There is more to see of this 1,700-square-foot home! 
The homeowner's Web site is located here. 
Terri is looking to sell or rent the house. If you're interested, you can contact her at 
575-586-2105. (Thanks, Elise, for sharing the photos and information!)
Photos by Paulette Steensen-Jacobs.

The Japanese soaking tub below was a featured item in a rather unique home in Salida, Co. Read about it here, in case you missed it. They used a lot of found items to make their home a stand-out.

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Where You Live: Function Meets Design in Taos, New Mexico

Okay - when do we leave? I want to spend a couple of weeks here, at least until we know the extreme heat is over!! Beautiful property, Susan. Let's go!

tubs cedar said...

oh oh........... How beautiful home. I really like and one more thing that bath tubs, kitchen, main room, entrance and outside atmosphere is cool. It is really touch of my heart.

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Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely house! That banco nook is just brilliant! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

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