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Where You Live: Faux Finishing Expert, Leslie Sinclair, Reveals Her Favorite Projects

Anyone in Houston -- and Even Those Living Outside 
the Country's Fourth Largest City -- Who Wants Plaster Walls 
or Artistic Decorative Designs Turns to Segreto Fine Paint Finishes
An A-List Clientele Gives Them Opportunity to Showcase What They Do Best.
And for all of us, we benefit by enjoying the inspiration!

I would like to introduce you to Leslie Sinclair, owner of Segreto Finishes and now author of the must-read blog, Secrets of Segreto-Home
Leslie is a woman to be admired. A mother of three,she left a successful career years ago to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. She began by using her own home as both a lab and canvas. After perfecting her craft and securing a few jobs, people soon became wowed -- and also hooked on unique works of art that could transform their home. 
She now employs up to 30 people. Additionally, she has written a book.
I invited her to write a guest blog regarding her favorite projects, so without further ado
. . . In Her Own Words:

"People always ask me what are you working on, and what are your favorite projects? Honestly, that’s a hard question to answer, because I love them all.  

Each home is different; each person is unique, so to make what they have both personal and beautiful is always gratifying!

I adore  the natural gypsum-based plasters.  When installed correctly, they give a home such warmth and depth without over powering a space.  Unlike many finishes, I love the subtleties of this finish in large areas. The intent is not to add drama or overpower the fabrics, architecture or furnishings but to create a perfect backdrop to these spaces enhancing their beauty. 

Plasters are also wonderful for a dining room or entrance or powder. Because they are softer finishes, even in rooms that do not have cased openings, the edges can be taped off and the rest of the home can be painted a color found within the plaster. 

Cabinet finishes are amazing to watch. The transformation of these spray-painted built-ins into finished furniture pieces is amazing. I love how paint can take a surface and change it from uninteresting to dramatic, or soften it by giving variation to the finish.  

There are always new slants on old techniques, and I love some of the metal papers now available. They are wonderful options to quilting pieces.  We also have come up with some wonderful finishes that are less labor intensive, allowing the client to fit all in their budget or do more.

Powders are always fun to work in — a place to go all out. Because the space is so small, budget isn’t typically a concern. If the vanity of mirrors and sconces are the focal then I suggest something more simple on the walls.

If theses smaller rooms can handle drama without being overpowering, then I say: Go for it!  

Creating a one-of-a-kind stencil design, a Gracie wallpaper look or an fresco-type mural that represents a special place . .  well, it’s a wonderful room to get creative in. 

I remember when I first started in the business and someone told me that I was the children’s room expert. I immediately edited that perception by saying, 'I do grown up spaces too!!'  Now that my kids have flown the coop, I so enjoy being able to create this magical spaces for the younger set!!  

I will never get tired of the endless possibilities that paint provides  and will never get bored.  I love my niche in the world of interiors!!  The only drawback is I am constantly changing my home—I do something magnificent for a client and I want that too!  My poor husband!

 I have always published portfolio books for my own use. My clients have always wanted to purchase them, so I just completed a 300-page oversized coffee table book that shares beautiful photos of the homes I am privileged to visit and help transform. Within the book, I give tips on the selected finishes, in addition to sharing a wonderful resource directory for anyone interested in home design.  What a joy it was for me to go back and revisit all of these wonderful homes."

Thank you, Leslie! For additional guest blogs, go here.

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Where You Live: Faux Finishing Expert, Leslie Sinclair, Reveals Her Favorite Projects

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Love the faux painters work, totally awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!! stop by www.happilyeverafterhome.blogspot.com when you have time.

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