Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where You Live: Canvas Photos! Turn Your Favorite Snapshot Into Orignal Art

I Am Hooked!
Last Year I Took a Photo From the Window of My Car
of a New Mexico Landscape . . .
Even though I was in mountain country, it reminded my of a serene beach scene.

Easy Canvas Prints allowed me to take this digitalized memory and turn it into a work 
of art.

 I decided to sign it to make it more authentic.

Love it. Love it!  What a nice, personalized gift idea, these photo canvases could be!
For Christmas. A housewarming. Perhaps in celebration of a memorable birthday. 

Between now and September 22, you can buy one canvas and get one free -- PLUS free shipping. It doesn't getting any better than that!  (When you go to their site, Easy Canvas Prints walks you through the process.) Purchase one for you, and get another for a friend or family member. I am so hooked on this idea that I want to purchase more original artwork. Go here for the deal. 

If you happen to miss this deal, sign up for their emails or check their site often, as they seem to be always announcing a discount or other attractive deal-of-the-day.

I have my beach-mountain photo hanging in my bedroom. 
Here you go, so you can see the quality and canvas expectation:

Easy Canvas Prints provides an idea gallery, if you want some inspiration -- in addition to answering your basic questions. They offer eight basic sizes, the option to customize height and width, and a few other selections. 
When I find something I like, I gotta share it. So, get out your camera and start capturing memories that you can turn into original art! Shoot large! I'm off now to search my photo files. I really love this! Hope you do, too.

Thank you for stopping by. As always, I enjoy hearing from you. It makes my day!

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Where You Live: Canvas Photos! Turn Your Favorite Snapshot Into Orignal Art

Hard to believe this scene is not at the beach!!

Debby said...

I had to read this twice as I was sure it was a beach picture. I have a couple of pictures that I want to have made into canvases. They are supposed to be having a first every special like real soon......anxious to see what it is.

Yep, it's a mountain scene! The distant mountains are hidden by low-hanging clouds. You see this, and you just don't think of New Mexico. Debby: They are having a special through Sept. 22. Check it out. Buy one, get one free!! The link is above. -s

From the window of your moving car??Seriously?? WOW!!

sb said...

Dear Susan, Pictures are wonderful, and so are you. Yep, you are just
really good at all you do. sb

cindy said...

Love it! What a great idea for gifts!

I’ve peeped around your blog and found it very interesting.

I’m a follower!

Deb's mind said...

I just found your blog through Carla @designinthewoods. Your images are stunning and with your approval I would like to use some now and again for my blog. You have some gorgeous items on your website The Green Plum. WOW!!!

Can you believe I've actually been thinking about doing this but hadn't taken the time to find a resource or research it. Thank you for this as I'll now be checking it out. I've missed reading you. I've been out of blogland a bit, just busy at work and time is hard to come by. Glad to see your new blog and read your sidebar about changing it a bit. It's great to keep growing and loving what you do. Stay well! Carol

Lisa said...

Thank you thank you for sharing! What a great idea the canvases are! How about that sweet boy of yours, gosh he is a handsome one. Gracie is in love!
xo Lisa

millerandrea said...

It was really a great offer that from the post date and September 22, we can buy one canvas and get one free -- PLUS free shipping, i have come across here much later but if you post more such offer so please inform me.

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