Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where You Live: Welcome to Our Basement Room Where Pet-Friendly Slipcovers Rule!

I heart Quatrine Washable Furniture.
They're My Pick for Long-lasting Pieces
and Stylishly Durable Slipcovers.
Even, Sam, our 5-year-old Aussie, loves them!
Yep, Sam is one of the family. So, sure he's allowed on the furniture.
Especially since we have easy to wash and dry slip-covered Quatrine furniture.
So purr-fect for pets. For playful children. And especially suited for guests who get 
a bit excited and accidentally
tip their wine glasses.

Listen, I don't stop and do a "commercial" like this unless I really,really mean it. Definitely take this one as an endorsement -- that's done on my own accord. I wanted to post to say how very pleased I am with my recent -- and third -- slipcover purchase from Quatrine. Actually, I didn't even want to take them out of their cute burlap cases when they arrived here in Colorado.

I stacked them here in on a bedroom loveseat. I wanted to admire the packaging 
a little longer. 

Gosh, it's been a dozen or so years since I bought Quatrine's Monterey Sofa and Sevilla chair-and-a-half for our (former) three-story Houston townhouse. Such sturdy pieces! 
When they say they "value you as a life-long client," Quatrine seem to mean it.
(GO here to see how their various pieces are constructed.) Even our cushions have lasted. And that's amazing in of itself.

As long as you like the style you initially buy, it's easy to change out the look with a new slipcover. Especially since they periodically place their fabrics on sale.

Each time I've gone in, I've had to ask reminders of what my pieces are called so they can be fitted appropriately. (Their sofas, chairs, ottomans and other pieces all fall under collection names.) And, each time the sales rep gets on the company's computer, calls it up and lets me know.

A couple of months ago, I walked into Quatrine's West University store in Houston and did the same thing. "What do I have again?"

2411 Times Blvd. Suite 120
Houston TX , 77005
Phone: 713-521-1915/Fax: 713-521-1916

This time I approached the process a little differently. Even though Quatrine offers a slew of fabric options, I already owned stacks of upholstery fabrics and wanted to use what I had, if I could. 

Monica Alor at the Houston shop made sure I got what I wanted! As a return customer, I greatly appreciated the attention and her help.

I pulled out a Robert Allen fabric for my Sevilla chair. I was so happy to have enough yardage. Quatrine's custom team want as much of the fabric as possible -- in case it shrinks during the washing process. Since I didn't have a coordinating fabric, I turned to This company offers a great selection at affordable prices! I had selected a nice linen. But by the time I had firmly decided on my plans, they had sold it all. I then selected a brown cotton. I know it sounds a bit boring, but it does complement the Robert Allen fabric.

 This is the Robert Allen fabric, which hangs nicely. It's a blend (perhaps linen/rayon), 
but that's all I can recall. 
I like the geometrical pattern; it looks rather hip and "today." Plus, it matched an old cabinet I have attached to our basement room wall.

I did send swatches to Quatrine's custom order people in advance so there would be no surprises. I wanted to make sure that the fabric would wash OK, particularly the Robert Allen material.

The end results:

 Other happy Quatrine customers (photos pulled from the company site):

Quatrine's custom pet pad.

Thank you again, Monica -- and Liz at Quatrine!

Say Hello, if you will. Love it when you comment . . . !

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Where You Live: Welcome to Our Basement Room Where Pet-Friendly Slipcovers Rule!

Cote de Texas said...

i never knew you could take the fabric there and they wash it? really? wow.

your basement is too cute and so is your dog!!!!!!!!!


Hi Joni -- and to all others who might like to use their own fabrics:
Yes, they do wash the fabric to ensure fit. I did have to send the fabric to California, where they do the sewing and etc. Monica gave me the name of the person there. And, he did call me to discuss the fabrics after I sent in the swatches. After our discussion, I sent along the material. Voila. Nice customer service.

Hey Susan! I have been thinking about you and missing you. I gave Emma my sofa and am in the market for a new one. Should I visit Quatrine in Dallas next time I am there? Your pieces look great and your dog is precious!

I have never heard of that company before, but if I need to buy a new sofa, I will check them out!

Love your new slip covers!

About the concrete stain. Yes it is durable as long as you follow manufactures instructions. We had a huge party a few weeks after doing the floor and many people walked on it, drag chairs from tables etc and it still looked as good as knew.

Elizabethd said...

How very interesting. I love looking at other peoples' homes and have often wondered how they get into magazines.
Thanks for your visit. I have included you in the giveaway.

Wash and wear furniture is always a good idea. There's is superb quality. Love your new slips!

My Notting Hill said...

They look terrific. I especially love the way the pleats are done at the corner. Love, love those cute burlap bags they come in too.

Greet said...

Hi Susan,
Hope everything is fine!! It is quite a long time I visited you my dear!!! Oh I don't know why I didn't !! No reason!! Maybe I should subscribe to your blog so that I could not miss any of your posts!! But you know, I don't have that much time to read all the blogs!!
Gorgeous post here today!!! Loved the pictures of the dogs and gorgeous idea to use these slipcovers. Every morning I am cleaning my seats because of our friend Ralph!! It is better to take slipcovers for the seats! I am aware!!
Wishing you a nice day Susan!

AWESOME. I love to hear about positive experiences like this and you are so right about the cute packaging. Talk about happy dogs!

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