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Where You Live: This Galveston Island Home is a Prize! It Had Me at The Get-Go With Its Turquoise Shutters.

Galveston, Texas, is a Treasure Trove of Old Architectural Style.
This Beautifully Remodeled Home was Featured in Coast magazine
-- and it's also for sale!

By happenstance, I met up with two homeowners at a Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) gathering a few months ago. Up until the day of that GHF event, they had been primping their home, one of the star Victorians featured on the 2011 home tour that the organization hosts every year in May. Typically, 10 homes -- give or take -- open their doors to the public over a two-weekend period, allowing visitors to step back in time, ogle the old and new, and be inspired (hopefully) to  buy their own special piece of island history. The event is primarily a fundraiser for GHF.

Well,this post salutes a real beauty. Owned by the two certain homeowners: Clay and Paul.
And she can be yours, if you're wanting an island setting. And a home rather unique
But don't lollygag, I'm betting it won't last long. (Check out the listing here.) 

I sound like their realtor, but I'm not. I just like -- immensely, in fact -- what they've done to bring this home back to life. The key point, though, is this: The work is done! And it's done well. Clay and Paul reveal their love and talents in this three bedroom/three bath house, originally built by a Civil War veteran. 

I like it because it looks like an island home. I love the soft grey cypress exterior, creamy trim and the vibrant turquoise on the shutters and door . . . . The little picket fence is the icing on the cake.

 Paul and Clay have worked lovingly and diligently on restoring this fabulous 1871 Greek Revival five-bay cottage for many years.

The Before Shot

 The Afters
The new addition includes the kitchen.

The granite they chose is Vesuvius.

In place of the old kitchen, local architect, David Watson, suggested this screened-in porch:

The porch overlooks a minimal garden:

They found the concrete pavers for the driveway in Galveston at a building scheduled to be demolished. Paul said they used them here to provide relief to what otherwise would have been an expansive use of concrete:

I like the feel of this room. I don't know how Clay and Paul use the room, but I envision curling up with a good book in one of those cool leather club chairs . . . . 

Another view of the room, showcasing the burled walnut secretary Clay's great grandfather constructed. (Clay is a 6th generation Galvestonian who inherited various family pieces and art heirlooms, many of which hang or are somehow displayed throughout the house.)

Before photos and other documents sit in the chairs -- for the enjoyment of those who were about to tour the home during the GHF event.

The family room or den:

A Before

The Center Hall:

The After

The Center Hall provides a nice corridor from the front to the back door, which leads out to the porch. Of course, Center Halls are one of those Southern architectural appointments that attract me. In days past, they allowed for cross-ventilation.

The living room to the dining area:

This photo, as do some of the others, show room ties that were set up to prevent a free-flow tour of the house when it was open to the public. Clay's great-grandfather also designed and constructed the 19th century sofa pictured above.

After Hurricane Carla hit back in the early 1960s, Clay's mother found this hutch in a ditch. She had it restored. Note the sea-inspired carvings.

The Master Bath

A completely new master bath addition, which was constructed right above their kitchen. 

These beadboard cabinets, as seen below, once belonged in the original kitchen. They placed them here for nostalgic effect:

Another favorite feature in this house . . . a cozy bedroom window seat:

I always enjoy reading your comments. So, please, take a moment and tell me what you like about the house -- or island living!

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Where You Live: This Galveston Island Home is a Prize! It Had Me at The Get-Go With Its Turquoise Shutters.

Hi Susan! What a great house. I love the shutters, too. Maybe you need to buy it! :) I love the screened in porch and the freshness of the kitchen, too. Hope all is good in your world! xo Ann

Rebecca said...

What's NOT to like? Where to start....the beautiful wooden floors, the back porch, the small yard, the repurposed old kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, documentation of the remodeling process, fabulous antiques...and of course, the shutters! I think this is a real jewel of a house.♥

Susan S. said...

Susan....I LOVE this house. I picked up one of the local Houston Magazines at the grocery store yesterday and this beautiful home was on the front. I haven't read the whole article but you've got more pictures than the magazine had....LOVE your pics. The turquoise door and shutters drew me in. SURE wish I could afford this beauty. And that peice of furnitures salvaged from the ditch after Hurricane Carla is great!
I have some friends that live on 13th & Key street and I've blogged about their beautiful home.

Everything! I love everything about this house! But especially the color and the bathroom tile floor:)


Jean said...

Yeah those shutters are great! I also love the bathroom and window seat! Great share,

denise said...

Words fail me. What a beautiful, charming, home. I love Galveston's old houses and just the overall bohemian, pirate-y (my own word!) feel of the city, period. As a native Houstonian, I have a lifetime of memories related to Galveston and I am so happy to see other's love of this unique Texas treasure. I hope this home is featured on another tour sometime because I would love to see it in person.

basketweave said...

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