Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where You Live: Mountain Architecture and Inspiring Gardens

A Rocky Mountain Architectural Tour . . .
In Beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado 
-- aka "The Boat"

This past weekend worked out perfectly well:  In fact, what a stroke of luck for me that my husband wanted to play a certain golf course in Steamboat. As it so happened, The Strings Musical Festival Guild was hosting a Kitchen and Garden Tour (although I'm only showing today architecture and gardens), a fundraiser benefiting the local organization. At about the time he was claiming a couple of "birdies," I was trekking through the residential communities of Lake Catamount, Fox Estates and Priest Creek Ranch. On my way "there," I passed this alluring home:
It's new, but you can tell that they designed it to look like an old, restored European countryseat that had been added on to over the years. The stonework, quaint shuttered windows and antiqued teal color caught my eye, as well as this little "guard" house at the corner of the drive:

 Lovely Russian sage just goes wild here....

Interestingly enough, I wasn't the only one captivated by this home. (And if you know me, you do know how I covet a stone house; check out this one!) Another approaching car also stopped to snap a couple of photos. A closer look at the front door:

 The homeowners of this next house are fortunate in that their daughter and her boyfriend love to garden. They say they use 90 percent organic fertilizer in the flower beds and 100 percent organic fertilizer in the vegetable beds, along with worm composting. The vegetable garden was designed to complement the upper deck railings, to keep out wildlife and to reduce back stress. They also employ winter covers on certain nights to extend the growing season. First up is the fire pit and seating. Next is the walk around to the front of the house, where you cross a bubbly stream. Take a look:

Another, different lake-side manse, below. And I am sharing a photo of the garage apartment, too:

  Also on the tour, the original homestead of Chester Priest. It was built in 1895, and resides beside a "newer" home. I am also including a photo of the interior. Can you imagine living here back in the 19th century? During the winters, I read, the residents relied on snow skis to meet some of their transportation needs.

The "newer" house:
What a sweet home! There were flowery surprises everywhere, in addition to a special cowboy retreat. Plus, the owners invite members of the community to work their own plots in their extensive garden. The docent told me this garden, once much larger, supplied all of the cabbage for Safeway at one time.  The garden includes a bunch of raspberry bushes that are over a 100 years old. As you will notice, I photographed their dogs slumbering under a hammock. And when the homeowner set down her watering can, one of the dogs came running over to steal a drink. Take a look:

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the tour.
If you have a moment, leave a comment or say hello.
Your words mean a lot to me . . . . 

11 Responses to “

Where You Live: Mountain Architecture and Inspiring Gardens

Such a beautiful, relaxing place....as evidenced by those lazy dogs. :)

Rebecca said...

The tour was wonderful! Thanks for passing on these great photos. I liked the same features you did of the first one...admired the grounds of the second....and drooled over the interior of the old log building & all the colorful and whimsical features of the last.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to work in my yard with my four leg friends.

What a lovely tour. Beautiful gardens!

Sandy said...

I enjoyed touring all of these lovely homes! Love the stone house (1st one) especially that front entrance. The raised garden was fantastic. Easy to care for and nice to look at too. Wish my neighbor's garden looked that good. And the dogs in the yard were so cute at the Cowboy House.

What I wouldn't give to be in the Colorado mountains today!!
so pretty. And, I love the pansey wreath- I have never, ever seen a wreath made out of pansies- charming!


Heather said...

Such a lovely post! Seeing a post as original as this one is a gift. The pleasure was all mine...

I would love to know what you think of my blog?

MissBliss said...

All of these pictures are delightful-- what a great post.

I am in Miami Beach now, but spent almost 2 years in Colorado (miss the mountains and mountain homes...) and these homes and gardens are just lovely!

Miz Woody said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Oh, to live in Colorado...in the summer!

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