Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where You Live: Welcome to Interior Designer Kara Childress' Boudoir

I Always Like Seeing How Designers
Decorate their Own Spaces . . .

. . . Don't you? 

This was a space that was selected as a feature by a national magazine, but it never ran. And I doubt it will. At least that's the last word I got about it. I don't know why. Things happen in the ever-changing business of publishing . . . . But, it is such a lovely and very feminine space that I thought you might like to see it. Plus, Kara is such a sweet and gracious woman; I think this space reflects who she is at heart.

All the photos are by Dallas photographer Gustav Schmiege.

Kara and her husband have their own bathrooms and dressing areas. Isn't that the best idea?! His is masculine and more directly appointed. Nice and functional. Hers is personal and pretty. You can tell it's a relaxing retreat for her. Her home, overall, reflects a country French and European feel. Included in the house mix are longhorns and other Texas flavors, of course. Architect Ed Eubanks designed the home. I like details such as the inset shelving above the tub.
And I love the tile, hand-painted cabinets, antique silver pieces . . . 

She had tiles used on the countertop sporadically placed on the floor. See below. You know, just here and there:

Kara's kitchen was featured in last fall's edition of Kitchen and Bath Ideas. I will find it and share it, too. Stay tuned.
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Gus photographed another site -- a beautiful and inspiring red and white kitchen.
If you'd like to see it, just click here.

5 Responses to “

Where You Live: Welcome to Interior Designer Kara Childress' Boudoir

So pretty!! Elegant but casual and not too formal, love everything about it..its all in the details!

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness - I know who she is and her hubby. She always has great style and is indeed a sweet lady. And gorgeous, rich and has a hunk of a husband (ex football player) Thanks for the peek inside her home.

the press is funny that way...you go to all that trouble and it doesn't see the light of day...c'est la vie. It is lovely thou, reminds me of the South of France with the tile work and that beautiful green cabinet with the mini print skirt. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, you would not believe how long it took your comment box to come up! I wish blogger would get these things working better. I bet you would have tons of comments on this beautiful bathroom . I love this pretty girlie style, she did a great job. I know she was disappointed to think it was going in the magazine and then for it not too. What a honor it would be to be pulished, she will get there soon, it's too nice to pass by. Thanks for sharing .

Beautiful Susan. You are right - very feminine and pretty.Hope you are doing well! xo

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