Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HomeRight Color Giving Away Up to 10 Paint Kits!

A GiveAway
Just Leave A Comment Below
As to Why You Deserve One 
of the Paint Kits

HomeRight Color promises to give away up to 10 paint kits -- to lucky Love Where You Live Readers. 

Readers:  Post below in the comment section your most  creative reason why you need painting done around your home. The people with the best reasons will win the ultimate home painting kit. The company only can send to people living in the United States.

 The Kit:

The kit includes:
• PaintStick EZ-Twist handle
• Roller frame assembly with 3/8” roller
• Accessory kit
• Paint can cover
• Fill tube
• Spatter shield
• 3/4“ nap refill roller cover
• Quick painter with adjustable trigger
• Quick mask poly mask with dispenser
• Handy painters tool
• Roller cleaner

HomeRight’s PaintStick EZ-Twist offers tray-less painting and draws paint directly from the can – no tray, no bending, and no mess or drips on floors or carpets.

The PaintStick holds up to 18 ounces of paint in the handle. Simply twist the paint through the tube onto the roller and paint up to an 8’ x 8’ area without refilling. A small twist applies a small amount of paint for precision painting. A larger twist applies more paint to cover a larger area quickly.

The EZ-Twist is sold with a high-quality roller cover. This roller offers a virtually lint-free finish with flat, satin, velvet, semi-gloss and gloss paints.

Tackle the difficult project of painting a ceiling, the roller’s spatter shield reduced dripping and spattering.

The EZ-Twist handle provides an ergonomic fit for greater comfort. The long tube extends reach for walls and ceilings – almost no need for a ladder when painting. Even paint ceilings without worrying about getting paint on you, your clothes or the floor by snapping on the Spatter Shield.

Please remember to provide your name and email  with your comment as to why you should receive a kit -- or check back after Monday, April 11, to see if you won. All winners will be selected by HomeRight Color.

Good luck.

19 Responses to “HomeRight Color Giving Away Up to 10 Paint Kits!”

I would try some painting projects that I would normally reserve for the professional painter if I had this kit!

Lynda said...

I am stripping 20 year old wallpaper, and plan on painting all the dressing areas of the bathrooms as well as 2 bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room! Boy, could I use one of those paint kits!!

ruthanne 17 said...

I would love to try one of these new paint sticks. We are just finishing a bath renovation with a high ceiling and skylight, and i'm the designated painter. Needless to say, any new tricks to the age old painting problems of climbing the ladder with roller and tray (and usually ending up with at least one spill all over the floor) would be much appreciated!

Karena said...

I love to paint and really need to freshen up several rooms, this kit would give it a very professional finish!

Art by Karena

My husband and I just finished building a garden cottage and are now ready to paint. I could REALLY use this.

What a great giveaway!


Barbara Can said...

Every time I paint, I end up with more paint on me -- my arms, my hands, my hair, my face -- than on my walls. And, oh yes, paint on the floor and in other places where paint does not belong. After watching the YouTube video, I think the paint stick will be perfect for the upcoming job we have -- painting a condo and its ceilings,too. The video made the application of paint look so much easier than the old fashioned way. I need a paint stick!

Shar said...

I think I should win one of these so I can finish painting my bathroom skylight,currently 2 colors. This would help me to reach up where I cannot reach since my ladder is not high enough!!



sue brooks said...

I can tell this may be my lucky week.
Viewing your wonderful ‘Ultimate Home Painting Kit’ has already motivated me to paint three bed rooms. I’m 75 years old and this looks like it was made for me.
Hearing things like no bending, no open trays, and especially ‘no climbing ladders’ & lets not forget ‘less time painting & clean-up’
– at my age that says a lot.
I would be as happy as a ‘bug-in-the-rug' if I were chosen to receive this wonderful,wonderful Ultimate Home Painting Kit.
Sue Brooks

Oh oh oh. Because I have a screaming orange red wall in the study/dining room/office that has beenwhispering to me...no screaming at me to paint it.

Because I have nooooo time, and when I have no time...my painting skills are nill to none.

Because I need me a paint stick and paint kit to ride in on a perfect steed to save me...er...the wall.

Anonymous said...

I love to paint!! I've painted the interior and exterior of my home many times. My husband loves to tell anyone who will listen, "I know for a fact we are losing square footage every time Sherri paints!" Since I do enjoy painting all the time, I would love to try the EZ-Twist paint kit to cut my painting time down, hopefully by half.
Sherri Ketchum

AM said...

My Husband and I just bought a New England Cottage, and after peeling off many layers of old wallpaper we found that every room had painted stenciled borders around them. So now we have just finished priming every room - and most of my wardrobe has splatter all over it. I would love to have a HomeRight PaintStick Kit to paint the walls and ceilings with! With 10 large rooms now ready to paint, I don't want to go back to trays and rollers after seeing your demonstration videos!! I must have a spatter shield stat!


PinkPearls said...

My husband and I bought our house in 2009 and everything was a color called "Going Gray". The walls, carpet, outside vinyl, even the molding throughout the house was gray. We are slowly getting all of the gray covered..no pun intended. We could sure use all the help we can get!

Thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

Ellen said...

I have two words to describe why I need this paint kit....italian gold...this is the color I have been living with for 5 years in my master bedroom...the time has finally come to makeover the room and I need all the help I can get! I'm a teacher and although I could use the down time, I'll be spending my April break up to my elbows in paint! Please send help :)

I would love this!! As a decorative artist and faux finisher, I paint many rooms and ceilings. It has taken a toll on my body. Anything to make my job easier is well WORTH it!!

Barbara Can said...

We just bought a home with tan walls, tan ceilings and everything inbetween. It is awful. I think to redo all the rooms and ceilings will take me weeks to do. It would be so nice to use a paintstick and do the work in one-third the time, as the Youtube video showed. She made the job look so easy that I am anxious to start work on my job. I will do a video for you -- and show you just how easy it can be. Send that stick my way.....

We are remodeling our older home this summer, and there will be a lot of painting going on. I would love to win this to help out with at least that task. The ceilings are high, and I'm quite short, so this would be wonderful to have!

Barbara Can said...

We received the paint stick and wow -- they sent more than just the stick. They sent a smaller one for corners and edges and other articles in the box. Thanks so much. This was a great giveaway. Now I've got to get down to business and get painting.
Thanks again.

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