Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Six Things to Like About This Galveston Island Beach House

#1. This vintage sink:

Laurie Cuthbertson, owner of Houston's "Welcome Home," a decorative arts company, always had plans for this old sink. At the time she bought it; however, she didn't know exactly where it would go. But she went with her hunch to buy it. She would figured out the "where" another time.

The time eventually came when she and her husband decided to build a custom home on Galveston island. She had the 1920s-era sink basin painted  Sherwin Williams' "Aquatint," #6936, and then placed in a half bath.  

#2. Unexpected Architectural Lines

Laurie and Bob's master bathroom -- with its V-groove ceilings, colorful knobby pulls, the Dash & Albert striped rug and wood plank walls -- conveys a feel-good country feeling. The architectural pitch frames a soaking tub, giving the space a sense of separation.

#3 An Old Bar Gains New Purpose

 The couple bought this old long-leaf pine bar in Salado, Texas, a long time ago. 
Laurie painted it a washed out blue -- to give it a beachy look, using both Sherwin Williams' "Raindrop," #6485 and "Meander Blue," #6484. They placed it in their living room where it serves as a multi-media center. They placed receivers and such on the shelves and turned it around so the back faces the front of the room. 

#4 Beach Art

Found items -- driftwood, shells and tumbled glass -- when beachcombing become hand-made art.

#5 Timeless Shutters

Who needs a painting when these old shutters convey such character and story?

#6 An Antique Door Grounds a New Space

Laurie and Bob bought this old door in Gonzales at an architectural warehouse. They retro-fitted it as a pantry door.

Special thanks goes to Laurie's friend who suggested her home as a feature for "Coast," a Galveston magazine. If you'd like to read the story I did on her home -- and to get the paint colors she used in their home, please visit this Galveston Daily News link.

6 Responses to “Six Things to Like About This Galveston Island Beach House”

Oh! Love that sink!!!! I see you got a new looks great!

The door and shutters add great texture.
Mary Ann

Love your new header and that sink is a total keeper! xo Caroline

Shar said...

"The friend" says "great post". You captured some of my favorite things. I saw the sink "before" and it is an amazing transformation.

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

It's been so long since I've called in, way way too long. I love all the changes to your blog with your layout and header. Your daughter Katie is very talented. Also nice to see Sam is part of the header as us Aussies have to stick together!!

Love this post. The owners have had such good ideas. Love the sink, also am loving the shutters (I wouldn't mind looking at them every day when I was doing bookwork!!!) Things like this makes something unpleasant more bearable). I am kicking myself, as I wished I'd thought of the idea of a counter for the t.v. How cool is that?!!? I also love the paint patina that the owner did, she did a really good job!

Well I'm off now to do a mammoth catch-up on your previous posts. I promise not to leave it so long next time. It's like catching up with a good friend when you haven't seen them for a long time. A nice excited feeling!!

Hope you and your family are well Susan.

Take care my friend,

Tasmania, Australia

buyffxivgil said...

Super heart that beach house. The antique door and the shutter is marvelous.

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