Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's In and What's Out for 2011 -- According to Carol Beck

Carol Beck, an interior decorator in Boston and the author of the blog, Sofas and Sage, offers this wisdom when it comes to trends and predictions:

"I don't think it's as clear or cut and dry as it used to be. I believe design, like fashion in this country, has evolved to a point where we get familiar with what is on trend and then decide how we might incorporate into our own look, if at all.  I believe self-inspired style and design are here to stay, this year and for many years ahead."

Carol Beck's What's In and What's Out for 2011:

Bold color sofas are coming back in
Neutral sofas are out

The 1940s inspired Luxe sofa by American Leather's John Charles Design. 

Graphic rugs are in
Orientals are out
Circles from West Elm

Salvage shopping is in
Decorating in all new is out

An old wire egg basket makes a comeback. At Old Crow Farm.

 Wallpaper and graphic stenciled walls are in
Plain walls are out

Guest Room and office of Interior Designer Sheila Bridges', as 
it appeared in Elle Decor/November 2010.

Smaller beautiful homes are in
Large gorgeous houses are out

In addition to these, Carol made more predictions at her blog. You can read those by going here.

Continuing a week-long series of 2011 predictions . . . 
Come by tomorrow for more predictions from a couple of inspiring pros! Michelle Zungia's Ins and Outs can be found below this post. 

9 Responses to “What's In and What's Out for 2011 -- According to Carol Beck”

this is such a great series Susan. it is wonderful to see the predictions from different perspectives.

Well I am glad to see that small homes are in, but I sure do miss the big one I use to have. It's hard to decorate a small space, and I feel like I live in a closet. lol Maybe I should switch houses with her. Fun series. Hugs, Marty

Another great perspective- incorporate the latest trends into our own style. I like that! Have to disagree on the rugs, though. I know Graphics are in, but to me, Orientals are classic - never really in or out. Maybe that is my issue, Susan - I think that there are some timeless things that never really belong in the "trend" category at all - what do you think? Loving this series!

I'm not giving up my persian (oriental ) rugs for some trendy rugs, not now not ever. Loved the post though.

Love Carol's prediction- so right on! Looking forward to following her blog! Thanks Susan- what a great series!!


I am enjoying this series ! I can't wait to see what is next ! Great ideal... I wish I had thought of it. lol

Reading these comments, I have to say that I agree with the thoughts about the orientals. They are classic and my own personal love. I think that's the tragedy of "what's in" or what's hot or on trend -- it makes everything else seem like second class citizens. I take the in and out to be just about what's in demand and what we're seeing everywhere.

Shar said...

I have to agree about the orientals. I think they can be incorporated into any design. I really love that people are trying to use what they have and go for "old stuff"! Thanks for a great series!

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