Monday, January 31, 2011

Well-Appointed Bedrooms and Outdoor Rooms on Kelley's 2011 List

What a fun month it's been with about a dozen or so bloggers and professionals sharing their own 2011 forecasts or, rather, favorites for decorating, lifestyle, shopping, home building and more. It began as "What's Out and What's In," but it all became quickly evident that something really isn't out if you love it. A unanimous sentiment, really -- based on the comments received. So, subsequent posts focused more on what people love and hope to see more of during this coming year. You can read them all if you just scroll down, down and down . . . . 
Thanks to all who participated and who have stopped in to read! 

Topping it all off is Kelley who authors the blog, The Polished Pebble, and who also is establishing her own online company, Kelley and Company.  Her picks:

"Beautifully done, well thought out beds and bedrooms with crisp linens and big pillows;"
that's where Kelley hopes the focus will be in 2011. 
From my files: Thompson Custom Homes. Interior Design
by Maria Tracy at Tracy & Carpenter Design Studio 

"... and a wonderful place to sit and read a book."
From my files: Interior design by Cathy Chapman.

She also likes "outdoor 'rooms' with vintage garden furniture and interesting
 potted plants and garden tools."
From my files: Rusty Arena's, a textile artist, outdoor dining room.

Kelley's other "hot buttons:"

* Art work that has meaning to the owner and is not simply a picture that matches the rug.

* Technology ... anything that help us get things done more quickly and manages
 to look good too.

13 Responses to “Well-Appointed Bedrooms and Outdoor Rooms on Kelley's 2011 List”

Hi Susan, I'm all over Kelley's prediction for the bedroom. I'll soon be working on mine and can't wait -- why is it that so many of us leave our bedrooms to last?

I am with her on "a wonderful place to read a book."
Mary Ann

Shar said...

I love that bedroom photo. My bedroom is on the list for 2011, so timely inspiration.


Love the outdoor room picture! We are in the midst of building a pergola and have plans of outdoor rooms to landscape and decorate this spring.

Hey Susan! Thanks you sooo much for including me in this wonderful series. I love the photos you chose, they really are serene and beautiful. Hopefully we all give ourselves a break at some point in each day to just sit and reflect. I guess the bedroom is as good a place as any, right?

xo kelley

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If had items such as the ones shown in the photos above, I think I will spend more time at home. The cozy feel will surely make me feel relaxed which is exactly what I need - a time away from work. The bedroom as well as the outdoor features of the house tell that the owner take the time to maintain his/her abode.

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