Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WEEKLONG SERIES: What's In and What's Out for 2011. Michelle Zungia Starts Us Off.

When I recently began polling some blogging professionals and others regarding their predictions -- specifically for the 2011 home -- many embraced the idea 
of nurturing and celebrating individual style. It's important to convey that thought, because the 
What's In and What's Out Lists that I plan to share with you today and throughout the week are primarily for fun. Do keep that in mind as well as the idea that I did select
in-the-know people 
who certainly would provide thoughtful suggestions. 

enjoy . . . .

Michelle Zungia's 2011 List -- for home and lifestyle

Michelle is an Interior Designer located in Southern California. She operates an interior design firm and writes a blog, which you can visit here.

What's IN and What's OUT:

 "IN -- Honeysuckle is the color of 2011! The color (above), selected by Pantone, is literally popping up everywhere! The perfect color to brighten up the new year!  
OUT -- the neutral room is so out as far as we are concerned, everyone needs a pop of color to brighten up their room, their day, their spirits!" (photo credit: Elaine Griffin)

"IN -- Living With What You Love!  It's a time to forget those trends and live with the things that you love . . . your individual style; a decor that celebrates sentiment.  
OUT -- Extravagant and Trendy Looks!

 "IN -- Intimate Dinners with Friends. A small gathering for dinner or cocktails is so in!  OUT -- the big, formal party!"

"IN -- Edible Cocktails . . . like the Bonfire with a toasted marshmallow! Reminiscent of toasting marshmallows by the campfire!  
OUT -- those "frou-frou" mixed drinks!"

 "IN -- Mosaic Glass Tile . . . Contemporary, simplistic lines actually become transitional working into most any room style!  
OUT -- Tile that is just too 'over the top.'"

"IN -- Rescue Dogs for pets!  OUT -- Pedigree Pooches in Purses!"
(photo credit

Stop by tomorrow for the next What's In/What's Out List.

9 Responses to “WEEKLONG SERIES: What's In and What's Out for 2011. Michelle Zungia Starts Us Off.”

Kathysue said...

Susan this is a great series that I am looking forward to reading. Thanks for doing this!! Kathysue

Well, you know I love this post, Susan! Especially the part about "living with what you love, and forgetting those trends". kinda girl! I also love intimate dinners with friends, think that drink with the marshmallow looks yummy and LOVE my rescue dogs! Great first post of the series!

Great post. This is going to be so interesting to read each post to see how I can improve my own space. I am really looking forward to this series. Hugs, Marty

I love this first one, Susan! I'm "in" on all of them! Hahaha :) Now I'm off to check out the blog!

great "ins" and "outs"... my favorite is the recue dog vs pedigree pooches...u am hoping to recue a dog sometime in the future.

this is going to be a wonderful series Susan!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness I am SOOOOglad that I read this & today of all days!
I am in on all of Michelle's picks but I'm most excited about #1 and that Pantone color. The MR. and I are now sharing the office in the basement. Plenty of room but it's the boring basement you know. There are a few walls (not all)that need to be painted. He suggested (but doesn't really care thank goodness), khaki & I want that PANTONE PINK! How can I find the exact color or is there one?
Great series Susan.
xo Lisa

Lisa asked a great question about finding the 2011 color pick: Honeysuckle. Those interested can go to for store locations/partners or call 1-866-pantone.

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