Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blogger Top Interior Design Predictions for 2011

Last week kicked off a series of predictions collected from professionals, bloggers and designers. Some said a lot; some offered their top two or three. Their words dictate, 
more or less, the type of post each day.

Today, Annie at Anniechovie, Lauren at Pure Style Home, Linda at Coconut and LImes
and Penny at The Comforts of Home give a thumb's up -- or down -- to more trends, classics and fads. It's all for fun . . . as we all agree, the most sure-fire truth is to be yourself when decorating.

From Annie:

IN -- Zebra prints.

(Black and white being Annie's preference, I most certainly think....
However, I couldn't resist bringing home this colorful fellow 

IN -- Pink

Borrowed from Virgin Media.

What's Out? Annie says: Paris-themed accessories, denim, neutrals, the 
                  mid-century craze.

From Linda:

IN -- Re-purpose and reuse.
(Think Habitat Homestore)

This large storage case goes down to $200 on January 15 at this Habitat Store.

IN -- Rescue Dogs

This is Lucky and you can read more about him here.

IN -- Target

IN -- Going Green
Taking traditional items and recovering or repainting to give them a fresh look.  

This high-back Queen Anne wing chair was restyled,
and reupholstered in indoor/outdoor fabric.
To be listed at The Green Plum soon.

IN -- Shop Local and Support Local Artists

My Daughter, Kate, shopping at YOLO in Salida, Colorado.
She's looking at clothing made by PJ Bergin, a local artist
whose work can be found here.

What's Out? -- "Made in China," beige, faux oil paintings, black and white furniture.

From Penny:

What's IN: Using recycled materials when designing and building. And not following trends.

What's OUT:  Antlers, burlap and the color gray. And anything "trendy."

From Lauren:

IN -- Nostalgic Items

"Anything that can be brought back into the limelight --
like chalkboards or brass -- that get used in
unconventional places or spaces."

Chalkboard necklace by Coco Delay Inc

This lampshade (4 1/2' x 8 1/2' x 8" height) is decorated with leaves made of brass wire. 
It is lined with a natural-colored, nubby, linen-like fabric.  INFO.

WHAT'S OUT?  She says:  "I'd say anything that gets talked about in 'blogosphere' for more than a month and a half, even -- no, ESPECIALLY -- if it's one of those items on the "what's in" list.  ;)

"For this reason, I say do what you love, forget the trends.  It seems as soon as we all get really into something, we're being told it's "out."  Being original and true to yourself seems to be the only thing that's always really 'in'."

Five More Views Coming This Week.....

                  In a nutshell, love where you live. 

4 Responses to “Blogger Top Interior Design Predictions for 2011”

This is a fun series Susan, thank you for including me!

I just love seeing the collective minds on the be-true-to-yourself and your style thinking. I don't think that sentiment has ever been stronger. It's a good sign of our times!

thank you for including me!

Wow!!! It looks very sophisticated.

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