Monday, December 13, 2010

In My Mailbox: Great DIY Wreath Ideas -- for the Holidays and Throughout the Year!

Every once in a while, I discover something really fun and worthy of sharing ... and it's 
often tucked inside an email!  Today, I'd like to share more than 30 wreath ideas 
-- for all seasons -- collected here by Online Certificate Programs. I pulled some wreath ideas from that site, DIY (do-it-yourself) pages, as well as from some some very creative and talented bloggers. Enjoy:

Fake grape bunches make up the body of this almost-edible wreath. Add artichokes and asparagus to the top for a bow that's sure to draw visitors' gaze and tempt their tastebuds. Go here.

Funky Junk Interiors created this memory wreath. She decorated it with her 
dad's tie clip, an old photo of her mother . . . items that recalled fond yesteryear memories.

Designer Eddie Ross took a wire hanger, a glue gun, sparkling ornaments . . .
and voila -- he's now got a beautiful and very festive door. 
Visit his site for complete instruction.

For instruction on how to do your own wonderful
 fresh cedar monogram wreath, visit Dittle Daddle.

Lots of ribbon turn this door into a festive welcome.
Visit Kristen's Creations here.

Ever wonder what to do with those old and growing collection
of holiday cards? Well, how about turning them into a door wreath?!
"All you need is a round die-cut capable of punching out varying sizes, plus scraps of scrapbook paper or card stock. Simply cut around the patterns and designs on the paper (such as the snowflakes we used here) and glue or tape the circles together in a wreath shape." Go here.

"These cattail tops, fronds, and ornamental grasses can be plucked from the great outdoors or from your local crafts store. Instead of a wreath form, we constructed a base from corrugated cardboard cut into a circle. Working clockwise, we glued grasses around the center point of the cardboard, taking care to overlap and hide the cardboard. The larger cattail accents on the outside of the wreath are poked into the corrugated layers of the cardboard and secured with a dab of glue." Go here.

From HGTV. Go here.

Materials and Tools for the green apple Wreath above:
sheet of plywood
green exterior spray paint
100 3-inch galvanized nails
heavy-gauge wire
sturdy picture hangers
holiday greenery
20 lb. of apples
holiday bow
1. Draw a 24-inch circular pattern onto plywood, cut out wreath shape using jigsaw. Sand any rough edges.
2. Before continuing, add sturdy picture hangers and heavy-gauge wire to back of wreath.
3. Randomly hammer 100 3-inch galvanized nails into wreath form.
4. Spray paint the plywood and nails green.
5. Skewer the apples onto the nails.
6. Fill the empty spaces with greenery.
7. Add a decorative holiday bow.
Love Where You LIve

p.s. I just visited 6th Street Design School, where Kirsten had assembled a nice group of hand-made wreaths -- all from Etsy. Here's the link, if you'd like to see those.

3 Responses to “In My Mailbox: Great DIY Wreath Ideas -- for the Holidays and Throughout the Year!”

Hi Susan, hope your holiday season is going along smoothly! These wreaths are beautiful. I especially like the monogram one, and the memory wreath is a great sentiment and look. It's nice to see a few new ideas. Take care.

love your holiday header! and love that apple wreath.

Great line up of wreaths! Thank you for including my Monogram Wreath. You're the best :D

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