Monday, December 20, 2010

A Few Gift-Wrapping Ideas That May Travel Well

Piling gifts into a car results in certain unbecoming consequences. Like smashed 
ribbons and bows . . . .  The following ideas not only look great under the tree -- or elsewhere, I bet they travel well:
And if you run out of tape -- which happens frequently 
to me -- it's no problem when you go this route. Just wrap and wrap the twine again until it secures 
your present in a most abstract yet pretty way. 
(from: In Habitat )

Using letter stencils, create messages -- like Merry Christmas, a name, Happy Hanukkah. Cut letters from old maps, sheets of music, fabric, colorful paper and etc. 
Perfect for travel and a fun way to personalize a present. (From Bugsandfishes )

A Sweet Idea:

It doesn't get any easier than candy and a hot glue gun! 
If traveling and fearing cracked the candies, then
 apply the lifesavers upon arrival.

Collect Paper Scraps This Year and Create Next Year

Rather than throw away your paper scraps this year, save them and
do a mix-and-match look next year. Be "green," get creative.

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I'm staying home over the Holidays - and I'm glad!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Susan!!!



BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for linking to my gift-wrapping project! Happy holidays :)

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