Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art Deco-Moderne in Colorado's Rocky Mountains!

It's a toss-up of which is more interesting . . . that the Heister House resides in the small quaint mountain town of Salida, Colorado, or that it's a vacation rental!

Built in 1943, this home is located just a few blocks from the
art deco-style county courthouse for Chaffee County. Hallmarks of the architectural style:
the glass blocks and flat roof.

This notable, moderne house was designed by architects/homeowners Elwood and Frances Heister. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. A true gem . . . .

Smooth stucco veneer, rounded corners and portholes
also characterize Moderne style.

The home is complete with original lighting and woodwork. The homeowners decorated the place using original bronzes and period furnishings:

Walking into the home, you enter the living room.

Looking from the dining room to the living area -- and entry.

Look at the built-in radio/music wall. 

Dining room built-ins.

Newer appliances co-exist with original floor and cabinets.

One of three bedrooms.

Vintage pieces in second bedroom.

A peek into the third bedroom.

Pinon Vacation Rentals offers this magnificent piece of history for the most discriminating renter. It's also available for long-term stays. More Information and photos.

A special thanks to Lawton at Pinon Vacation Rentals, and the owners for letting us take the nickel tour!

6 Responses to “Art Deco-Moderne in Colorado's Rocky Mountains!”

Those walls are incredible, and the circle "doorway" is just beautiful. I bet it's so much more spectacular in person. Thanks for the peak!

Sherri B. said...

I am drooling...excuse me while I get a tissue. Wow!

Oh...I loved seeing inside this home. Adore all that art deco furniture. This place is amazing....I'd have a hard time living so true to the those walls would drive me nuts...they are beautiful....but that is just too much brown for me. But yes....I could see taking a vacation there!

This is fantastic and for rent.
It is so timeless.
perfect for a party.

You always show us the coolest spaces... thanks!

Atticmag said...

Get out of town -- if they are renting a historic house they must be very trusting. Thanks for showing it. Great tour. Haven't seen that much Deco blond since my Grandmother's house. Great change of pace right now. I need to spend some more time over here. Happy holidays. Jane

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