Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sailors' Valentines Decorate a Collector's Home

Are you familiar with Sailors' Valentines? They were romantic souvenirs sailors bought (usually in Barbados) and then presented to their sweeties or loved ones upon returning home from long voyages. They were especially popular between 1830 and 1890. It's easy to fall back in love with these seashell-encrusted wooden boxes, which were typically octagonal in shape with glass fronts. You still can find the really old ones, or you can make your own.

One man collects and displays them in his home, along with other nautical favorites. Some images:

4 Responses to “Sailors' Valentines Decorate a Collector's Home”

I always think about the mother or sweetheart that was so happy to recieve these whenever I see one. Great collection here.. I have a little surprise for you at my blog...smiles.

Hi Susan! I love sailors' valentines. I have always wanted to collect them, but won't allow myself. I just cannot start another collection. This is an amazing group of them - so fun to see! Hope all is well with you. xoAnn

I always learn so much from you! Thanks. Beautiful blog.
We have some collections of teak indoor furniture made of solid teak wood from Indonesia.
Thank you.

Cote de Texas said...

I never heard of this before! learn something new every day.


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