Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hurricane Fence Gets Striking New Look. A why-didn't-I think-of-that-makeover?!

So, do you ever drive past a house you once owned? Just to see what the new homeowners have done? If not you, maybe someone else you know conducts similar drive-bys??!  Well, I did that the other day. I turned down the street where I once lived. And I noticed something new! So subtle yet so striking! Why didn't I think of that?!

Here's the house:

The new homeowner, an interior decorator from Houston, painted the chain-link fence, aka hurricane fence, black!  Such a crisp, upscale look as opposed to this:

. . .  the galvanized steel look:

When we lived at this house, the fence was draped in flowery jasmine; the scent as lovely and quaint as the look. But it all died, thanks to Hurricane Ike a couple of years ago. The new fix was probably a lot more cost effective than removing it or doing something else. I like it when people use what they have and make it work. Don't you?

Here are closer looks of the fence now:

So what do you think? 

6 Responses to “Hurricane Fence Gets Striking New Look. A why-didn't-I think-of-that-makeover?!”

I love the black because it somehow elegantly disappears. Sometimes, we're just too close to things, live with them every day, to recognize the need to make a change, or the difference it would make, don't you think? What a pretty, house, too!

Ahh Yes. I have done that! Huge difference...a pia to paint when you have alot of it! Did one hunter green once too!

It definitely looks much, much better!!

In our neighborhood, we have fence restrictions. The only fences allowed are chain link, but they have to be black or dark green vinyl coated so they disappear.

They did a great job, making that one disappear!

Amanda said...

thank you for posting this! what a great idea! i am going to do this to is an eyesore but a must-have for my dog. with money being tight i cannot afford the big wooden privacy fence i want right now. again, thank you for the wonderful idea.

Cote de Texas said...

amazing - it disappears! i could hardly even see it at first.

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