Friday, October 22, 2010

Dale Chihuly Eye Candy Lights Up Bellagio Hotel Lobby

Interestingly enough, whenever I see Dale Chihuly glass, I'm reminded of sea creatures. Take a look at the 2,000 wavy, watery glass light sculptures floating en masse on the ceiling above the Bellagio Hotel lobby in Las Vegas:

My best friend, Barbara, took this photo during a "girlfriend" trip to Las Vegas.

While Mr. Chihuly wouldn't be surprised by my admission, since many other admirers also see sea creatures, he says it's all unintentional. In this YouTube interview, the world-renowned glass blower says he's never scuba dived or even looked at a book depicting sea creatures in search of inspiration. It all just happened. 

Dale Chuhily -- from his web site.

Originally from Washington state, Chihuly took a weaving class during his early art studies. Fascinated in glass blowing and by the intricacies of weaving, he combined the two arts. He then went on to study in Venice, where he learned the benefits of team collaboration. He has assembled teams that numbered as many as 18 to construct one piece. When he lost the sight of his left eye years ago in a motorcycle accident, his role in the studio changed. He began choreographing the artistry employed by all of his teams, as opposed to focusing on one piece at a time. "I found I could move around and work with the various teams...."

This glass sculpture stands 20-feet high in the Bellagio Hotel lobby.
(photo by BFF Barbara)

Chihuly says most of his work these days stems from commissions. His installations are found around the world. 

Barbara's photo of the Bellagio lobby.

Barbara also took pictures of Chihuly's works in New City Center:

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9 Responses to “Dale Chihuly Eye Candy Lights Up Bellagio Hotel Lobby”

I definitely see jelly fish floating on that ceiling!

Diana Joy said...

I'm fortunate to live in Chihuly country...always love seeing his work in museums and buildings. Thanks for sharing his work today.

Absoluty awesome art. It does look like jelly fish.

Barbara Can said...

Actually, they looked like petunias to me. It was breath-taking to see. One of the employees said they had to clean the ceiling last year -- now that was a job for a bottle or two of Windex!

I see them too ! His art is beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us.

frances said...

I was just in Las Vegas myself at the beginning of oct. and I was amazed at the ceiling. The photos are awesome but to see it in person Is just a whole new experience.Frances

a Broad said...

We used to stay at the Bellagio all the time and I never got tired of sitting and staring up at those glass flowers !
When we lived in Portland Oregon, the galleries in our neighborhood were always showing and selling his pieces.
I always wanted to buy one, I guess it was all for the best, as I would have had a heart attack, from worrying about moving one of his glass pieces to another country when we moved !

Dear Susan, I just wanted another look at the Blown glass, There is a restaurant here in Rockland that has a glass blowing shop attached to it and he does this type of art glass, good food too.
By-th-way thanks for putting me on your blog list. I have had blogs on mine for 2 yrs and they have never put me on theirs it's a 2 way street in my world. yvonne

Thanks so much for visiting today. I love the ceiling, how gorgeous is that? All of Chihuly's work is amazing, but the ceiling is stunning. Lidy

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