Saturday, October 16, 2010

Country French Bedrooms Decorated in a Dreamy Style

An antiques dealer decorated the two bedrooms, below, for her young daughters 
in what feels like old French glam style. I wanted to share the images since I see 
at least 7 inspirational take-away ideas here:

#1 The draping above the headboard imparts soft elegance to a wall that begs for something powerful and large. So, if you're going for luxurious and glamorous in your own room, then this might be the touch you want and need.

#2 The repetitious design of the small armoire is transferred to the wall and gives a complementary touch as opposed to a cluttered competing look. 

#3 Window seats are irresistible. So cozy. So inviting. But what I especially like here is the inset shelving. What a great use of space.

# 4 A furniture piece -- or a built-in with great color and design -- gives this corner space functional cause in additional to added style. 

#5 The chandelier above the bed adds sparkle while the soft winged panels create a cozy cocoon, of sorts

#6 Pull-out drawers underneath the window seat offer easily accessible access 
to stored items.

#7 Pretty billowy curtains allow the sun to peek inside. 

7 Responses to “Country French Bedrooms Decorated in a Dreamy Style”

Gorgeous rooms. Love all the soft colors and beautiful antiques. Stunning Rooms. Hugs, Marty

sissie said...

Very pretty rooms with loads of inspiration.


Very pretty and girly, so French! I'd love to be an antiques dealer!

I so enjoyed the tour, thanks so much!

sehar alvi said...

mind blowing,so much beautiful bed room,?Princess Carriage Beds,

Nice interior designing and interior decoration!

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